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Stop me if you’ve heard this before… C’s being cautious with Shaq

Doc was on WEEI this morning.  Chris Forsberg listened to it.

Asked if the 39-year-old center could join the team in Miami on Sunday, Rivers playfully said, "Maybe." He quickly added, "We're going to be very cautious with him. I would love to play him a couple games, but only if I think he's feeling great. If not, we'll just wait." 

And what was Rivers thinking after O'Neal looked sharp in his return to the court Sunday before suffering the calf injury in his sixth minute against the Pistons? 

"I was thinking this is good," said Rivers. "A couple more games, we can slide him back in the starting lineup, and we're off and running. That's why you don't think those thoughts."

Someday, when I'm old (older?)… someone is gonna come up to me and say…

"hey… weren't you that blogger guy?

And I'm gonna say 

"yes… I was."

And that person will say

"man… remember when Shaq played for us?"

And I'm gonna say….


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  • I see going down like this 20 years from now!!
    [Some Boston fans are arguing on whether the two guys sitting in the bar as life partners are Bloggers BigMcK and RedsArmy.]
    Boston Fan #1: You ever see them Blog?
    Boston Fan #2: Yeah, I saw pictures.
    Boston Fan #1: Pictures
    FireDoc: I saw them Blog.
    Boston Fan #1: Yeah? What do you think?
    Firedoc: They were the best. write, podcast, photoshop… they were the best.
    Boston Fan #1: So what do you think? Is it them?
    FireDoc: Nah. Those fellas are all gone now.

  • Ouch. Where is the love? Shaq is playoffs at least maybe he is.