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Loyal reader has a shot at winning a playoff game suite

Daemian D. is a loyal Red's Army reader who also happens to be one of 12 finalists in the Celtics Banner Moments contest.

The winner receives an entire private suite for the first 2011 home playoff game. That's 18 tickets.

Check out Daemian's story:

When I was about 12 I lived in Las Vegas and I loved the Celtics. I would walk around town in my tight green Celtics jacket. In late May I watched Game 5 of the 1987 Conference Finals through a plate glass window from outside an electronics store because I didn't have a TV. I watched the whole thing. I paced the sidewalk, I worried, I yelled. I ignored passersby. I moved for women with strollers and for the elderly, and nobody else. I never attempted to go inside, and nobody inside attempted to change the channel. I watched with outrage as these Pistons refused to back down. I watched dumbfounded as Larry drove to the hoop and got his shot blocked as the 4th drew to a close. I understood with dawning horror that the ball had touched Sichting last. I withstood the urge to walk away, to abandon the impossible situation, to walk home with the merciless sun pounding on my head. I had heard that Larry would perform magic from time to time. So I waited.

I watched Larry Bird steal the inbounds pass after Jerry Sichting put "what we call great pressure on the ball" and pass it to DJ for a layup that threatened to bounce back out. I lived the equivalent of a lifetime watching that game in 110 degrees with my incredibly uncomfortable long-sleeved Celtics jacket on, culminating in what could only be called a religious experience: Larry actually saved an impossible situation. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and yet I was supposed to expect it. I will remember that day until I am a very old man.

The winner is decided by fan votes. So why don't you help out a fellow member of the Army and vote for Daemian.

And I'm not saying that because he promised to take John and myself to the game if he wins.

See the above link for access to all the stories or click here to cast a blind vote for Daemian (and me).

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