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Gang Green is joining Red’s Army


We're very excited to announce that Gang Green TV is joining next week.  

If you haven't watched Gang Green yet, it's a locally produced television show dedicated to the Boston Celtics.  Kurt, David, Adam, Stats and the whole GGTV crew fit perfecty in our freewheeling style here at Red's Army.  The show will air once a week… and we're now working on bringing it to you live so you can call in and take part.  

Follow those guys on Twitter or on Facebook.  And while you're at it, follow me, Chuck, MrTrpleDouble, or KWAPT on Twitter and like us on Facebook..  I've also got my own personal Facebook page if you're so inclined.

So please welcome Gang Green TV to Red's Army.  We're excited to have a TV for you as well as our podcast and everything else on the site.  We hope you enjoy it.  

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  • meat heads with man boobs

  • That was one of the original names we kicked around before we decided on Gang Green.