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Celtics lend a hand to ball boy


(picture courtesy of Boston Herald)

Celtics ball boy, Moises St. Fleur, aka "Mo", has been through quite a bit since St. Patrick's Day. His family home in Everett was completely burned down in a tragic fire. His family lost everything-clothes, food, furniture, everything. That's where the city of Everett and the Boston Celtics stepped-in.

Mo was the manager and spirit of Everett's championship-winning high-school football squad for 4 years. 2 players from the team, Frank Nuzzo and Ross Pietrantonio quickly put together a basketball tournament that raised over $10,000 to help Mo and his family.

Word then spread to the Boston Celtics, for whom Mo mops the floor, grabs clean towels and fetches uniforms for when he's not working his other job at Walgreen's. Another $11,000 or so was raised by the team to make sure that Mo, his Mom and sister would be able to get food and shelter.

This is just a great story of how a community and a team banded-together to help a kid and his family. Another example of how the Boston Celtics are not just a team, but a family. When one member of the family is in trouble or in need, the rest of the family takes action to quickly help out.

Doc Rivers put it perfectly in Peter Gelzinis' article:

We’re one family. Our guys, they’re obviously doing better than a lot of other people in the world. So I think they did what they’re supposed to do."

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  • Are we serious here? Celtic bench players make more than 11k per game. KG makes that in a few minutes…..yet all the team could raise was $11,000 for this dude? Ya, real saintly. That’s the equivalent of a common man giving the guy two dollars.

  • Exactly.
    Billionaires raise 11K and common people raise 10K..
    Wow, same old story.
    Let’s just speak about basketball..

  • I agree with the above comments. This is a nice gesture, but I’m pretty sure Paul Pierce and Ray Allen bet more than this on the 3 point contest during the All-Star break.
    The team certainly doesn’t deserve any ridicule for this either, but let’s not pretend $11,000 is even sort of doing what they can.

  • I agree-does seem like a small amount of $ to contribute for professional athletes, but if you read the full story that Gelzinis wrote by clicking the link, the $11 grand was thrown together in a few minutes. The players were going to individually do more as well…

  • I understand you guys find it easy to criticize, but Paul KG Ray Shaq and some other Celtics have their own charities, helping many families in total. This is just one more act of generosity to add to the many others.

  • Also a great point. Paul’s “TruthOnHealth” raises alot of money every year, and Ray and his family have donated lots of time and $ to the Joslin Diabetes Ctr amongst other places.