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Your Morning Dump… Jeff Green needs to be selfish

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"Yeah, I think I was just being over-passive, thinking the game too much," Green said after the Celtics practiced at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint on Monday. "I just need to play, and just take what's there, instead of just trying to get everybody else involved. [Rivers] always tells me to be aggressive, but then, once again he always says, 'Make the extra pass.'" But I just need to find a line between that where I can be aggressive and where I can help my teammates get involved."

"I want to do more on defense," said Green. "I need to rebound more. I need to just focus on that instead of what I need to do on the offensive end."

Since joining the Celtics, Green has averaged only 2.3 rebounds per game, after averaging 5.6 during his time with the Thunder this season. Green's defensive rebounding rate since coming to Boston registers at just 9.9 percent, which is lower than the 13.6 percent he hauled in as a member of the Thunder this season, and is well below the league average for forwards at 16.2 percent, according to HoopData.

"I'm comfortable with everything [on offense]," said Green. "Defense is where I need to get better at, as far as rotations, [with] rebounding being the key thing. Put that in all caps, italicize it, whatever you want to do. That's the main thing which I need to get better at."

ESPN Boston – No more Mr. Nice Guy

While Green may be taking fewer shots in Boston (12.6 in OKC to 8.3 in Boston), his shooting percentage has increased (41.3 % – 51% FG, 30% – 38% 3 FG). It's safe to say the shots taken are good ones.

But it's time for Green to channel his inner Glen Davis. If he's confused about when to shoot and when to pass – I can clear it up. When he's on the floor with the Big 3, he needs to be thinking pass. When he's on the floor with all 2nd and 3rd unit guys, he needs to be thinking shot. Chuck it. Bombs away. Just shoot it, baby.

As for his rebounding, there's no denying the numbers are awful. Maybe he's too caught up in the Celtics complex rotation scheme that he forgets to box-out.

I know he played the 4 in OKC too, but I don't see that as a good fit. He's not physical enough.

On Page 2, Doc Rivers reminds us that he wants to takek a break.

"I'm still gonna do it eventually," Rivers said. "Not just for the family. I just think it's healthy. Teachers take sabbaticals to retool, to recharge. I think coaches need to do that as well. So I will."

Rivers' contract with the Celtics expires at the end of this season, and though he and general manager Danny Ainge have had discussions about a new deal, there is nothing in place to keep Rivers in Boston for the foreseeable future.

If there is an NBA lockout and next season is delayed, Rivers' vacation could be scheduled for him.

CSNNE – Rivers still plans to take time off

Here's one benefit to the lockout. It's the only scenario where Doc can take his mental break and return to the Celtics.

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  • Jeff Green needs to be our go to guy when the bench unit is on. Glen Davis is the second guy to go to. He is one of the keys in the playoffs I think. If he can come off the bench and give Paul rest and even when they play Paul at the two he could easily get us around 14ppg. As for Doc well i see it as this
    We win the title he’ll stay
    We lose he’ll probably take a break and either come back to Boston or go some place else.

  • He needs less time on the court with Baby, cause Baby is eating all his balls. But then again, Baby eats everyone’s balls.

  • I’m glad Green acknowledges everything we complain about (weak rebounding, defense, assertiveness). Now lets see if he actually changes his play.