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Nads says sitting helps him learn

Via WEEI: 

Krstic thinks the biggest silver lining to Thursday’s knee scare has been watching from the bench over the last two games.

“It’s very important,” Krstic said of learning time before the playoffs. “Maybe these two games I missed are a good thing. Everything is going to settle down in my head. I was on the side, watching plays and watching how guys play. We’ll see. I have six more games to pick it up. I think I’ll be ready for the playoffs.” 

If sitting will help… then let him sit.  If he needs to stand on the catwalks in the rafters for a game for an overhead view… then let him do that.  I don't care what we need to do to get this guy up to speed quickly… just do it.  Li-Ning is about to start designing Shaq walking boots since he wears those more than sneakers… so we need Nads to step up and be a solid #2 center.

As for his knee:

“Maybe in my head, I’m just trying to still protect it a little bit,” Krstic said. “Mentally, I’m not 100 percent. My knee, I still feel pain but MRI showed it’s nothing really serious so I can get through that pain. I know it’s not going to get serious. Mentally, it’s just the first practice after. It was really tough for me. I was thinking it was more serious when it [happened] but maybe it’s still in my head.”

There's nothing worse than trying to play when an injury is in your head. It invariably leads to another injury, usually the other leg because you're really trying to overcompensate.  

Get this guy a shrink, pronto.

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  • Poor Nads. I think he’s actually pretty talented, but every word I hear about him paints him as flustered and intimidated. The Celtics can be a pretty tough organization for a quiet/shy type of person, methinks.