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Rondo threads the needle to Paul Pierce

RedsArmyAdmin April 4, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Rondo threads the needle to Paul Pierce

This is such a pretty play.  

At :01, Rondo gets the ball from KG and, like a quarterback, immediately sees Paul Pierce has a seam.  Target acquired.

At :02, After one dribble, Rondo understands he can't just throw a regular ol' bounce pass because Tayshaun Prince has an angle and could pick it off.

At :02 (still), Rondo has already figured out where to throw the pass where only Paul Pierce can catch and finish.  

By :03 the pass, a low, skimming bounce pass with some left-to-right english on it has already been launched.  It's low to get past Prince.  It well ahead of Pierce and spun so it can lead him properly.  If that pass is anywhere else, it can get picked off or Pierce could get fouled.  The spin beautifully leads the defenders in one direction while still bouncing to a spot where Pierce can just gather and go up.  

Pierce is on the rim by :04.  Not to get all sports-sciency on you… but in the span of less than a second, Rondo has made three or four calculations necessary to getting that ball where it needed to be.  By pulling retreating defenders out of position and leading his guy with the pass, he turned Pierce into the fastest guy on the break.  Pierce, by the way, does a wonderful job catching the ball as Tommy noted.  

I love that play.  It's simple, but beautiful.

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