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Congrats, Satch

RedsArmyAdmin April 4, 2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Congrats, Satch

Satch sanders

Satch is goin to the Hall

The Naismith Hall of Fame announced Monday that former Celtics great Tom "Satch" Sanders has been elected to the Hall as a contributor by the veteran's committee. Sanders won eight titles in his 13 seasons as a Celtics and has been one of the game's great ambassadors, still a fixture as Celtics games.

Tommy explains why Satch was so good

"Well, Satch made my life easier, because he got all the tough guys to defend, and I only had to worry about them after he got in foul trouble, if he got in foul trouble," said Heinsohn. "It let me concentrate on what I was good at: Offensive and rebounding. So he took a load off of me. But he was perfectly capable of scoring 20 points a game, also. He was a very good offensive player. 

"In the course of things, people try and quantify whether a guy should be in the Hall of Fame, because of his stats. Stats mean nothing, and I think right now, this is proof that he was a winner and he contributed mightily to a winning team and he contributed to the sport big time with his player programs for the NBA." 

How about that lace up knee brace?  Was that effective at all?? 

Congrats, Satch. 

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  • From all accounts, a true champion.
    Without a doubt one of the most well liked guys to ever wear the Celtics green.
    Very happy for Satch.