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Shaq injures right calf, not Achilles

Here's an important update to Shaq's injury. It's the right calf… and not his Achilles. I repeat… it's the right calf and not the Achilles.

What's the deal with severe calf injuries? KG had a similar injury a few months back vs the Pistons.

(video courtesy Jose3030)

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  • Looks like we have to depend on Jermaine O’Neal and his brittle legs.
    Ahh, my confidence in this team is getting less and less.

  • Not looking past this season – but just to start thinking about free agent Centers in 2011…I think we should make a HUGE push for Tyson Chandler. Other options are: Kwame Brown (ouch), Marc Gasol, Dan Gadzuric (double ouch), Ronny Turiaf (yowch), Spencer Hawes, Samuel Dalembert?
    2012: JaVale McGee, Marcus Camby, Robin & Brook Lopez (can we get them to sign one contract, otherwise, no), Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Roy Hibbert?
    Keep in mind, all of those 2012 Centers will be trade bait for the 2011-2012 season as well.
    If I was Dwight, I wouldn’t rule out Boston. I bet if we just had Bill Russell do the recruiting it might happen…

  • What now Danny Ainge? what now?! If we don’t at least get into the Finals, I hate to think we wasted an opportunity with the Big 3. If the C’s miss this one, it’s almost certain to be rebuilding mode again, of course not like the C’s in the early 2000’s but with a lockout looming I feel this is the last significant seasons for KG and Ray.

  • That’s a calf strain or tear – I had the same issue in both my calves over the past 9 months. The look back that Shaq had was to locate the baseball or the foreign object that he thought hit his calf. It feels like someone hit you with a hammer or a golf ball was launched at your leg. It’s a totally bizarre feeling.
    Get better, big fella. I know how that feels.

  • You’re completely naive in thinking there is one iota of chance that Howard comes to Boston. He’s Hollywood through and through and a complete goofball. He’s either going to LA or staying right where he is. No chance at all he goes to Boston.

  • LMAO @ Danny Ainge. I hate to see Shaq hurt clearly he is not to be counted on during the playoffs. What the fuck was Ainge thinking?

  • We will have some money to play with soon enough, and Ainge and Wyc aren’t letting the Celtics fall back into mediocrity anytime soon. Love the draft picks Ainge is stacking up too.

  • Dwight shouldn't rule out Bos, Bklyn, NY, NO, LAL or Anaheim. He'll
    go where the point guards are.
    Once he goes somewhere besides Boston, I'll continue on my current
    course of thinking he is soft and beatable.

  • Exactly.
    With only Rondo (and Truth) under contract for 2012, I'd think some
    people might want to come play with him.