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Recap: Sloppy Celtics still good enough to beat Detroit

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The Celtics red-hot shooting offset their sloppy passing in tonight's 101-90 victory over Detroit.

How hot? 64% FG and 63% 3 FG. How sloppy? 19 turnovers.

The Celtics put this one away with a 15-2 run in the 3rd quarter. Kevin Garnett had 13 of his 23 points in the quarter.

Paul Pierce had 22 points and three triples. Rajon Rondo had 14 assists – his highest total in a month.

While the Celtics didn't finish off the Pistons with authority, the starters did not play a lot of minutes. Paul and Ray went 32 minutes, Garnett played 28.

Delonte West (10 points, 5 assists) played a strong 29 minutes. He's looking really comfortable. I also liked how Glen Davis (11 points, 6 rebounds) played. He did not force any jump shots.

CSNNE had video of Shaq leaving the arena. No crutches and no walking boot. He'll be back. I think.

"It's not a bad strain, but its a strain. (On how long Shaq will be out) I don't think very long… it's very minor and scared him more than anything," Doc Rivers on Shaq's injury.

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  • Good: J.O., DWest, Pierce, KG, ball movement.
    Bad: 19 turnovers-and alot of them just sloppy, lazy passing.
    Need to tighten it up. And fast.

  • Rasheed Wallace.
    haha just kidding I know some people hate it when someone comes up with it.
    I think Shaq will be back in the 2nd round of the playoffs… I don’t think we’ll need him in the 1st round anyway… we just need him to give us 5 good minutes like today and survive!!!! :S

  • Why not go after Sheed either way? We need some big man insurance. We really can’t have enough big men to fight the Lakers with.

  • This game was hard to watch, very slow first half, but was a good WIN…
    Some KEYS that I noticed in tonight’s win:
    1. Delonte West continues to get comfortable (10 points 5 ast) & he’s always making that extra play.
    2. Glen Davis was alot more assertive with his offense tonight, But its like he read this blog the other night… I counted maybe 4 jumpshots, 2 of them were made, but the free-throws (0-2) Gotta improve
    3. Shaq looked wonderful… he was 3-3 from the field, gave us that inside presence we’ve missed, and was running the floor while it lasted. Shaq was injured, & as you know it is a minor strain, and will not be out long GOOD NEWS
    4. Kevin Garnett – I see him slowing down, but not cause he has to, I think he’s pacing himself, and it shows with him only playing 28 minutes tonight.
    5. Captain Pierce Like who is going to stop this man? he is unstoppable, If there’s one person on this team ready for play-offs, its him…
    6. Ray Allen showed flashes of coming out of the slump
    7. Rajon Rondo continues to piss me off with unneccesary passes, but he still had 14 assists, highest in a month
    8. Jeff Green just have only 1 play drawn up for him, Doc has got to get more plays for Jeff, cause that block, back to the basket, isnt a very high percentage shot for Jeff, he’s not Garnett, I think that explains why he’s not excelling, cause most of his points come off of turnovers, not set plays for him.
    9. Jermaine O’neal played only 17 minutes and looks great, BOY do I love having his interior D and Rebounding back…
    10. The BENCH – this bench wont be nothing to reckon with once everybody gets back and stay… The Bench played well today
    11. Nenad possibly back Tuesday. Cant Wait!!!!
    12. Today the only issue I seen with the C’s, is over passing, and thats probaably the best problem a team can ever have….
    13. C’s get 53rd win 3 more than all last year, By the way I predicted 56 wins, 3 more to go…
    GO TeamCeltics

  • Yeah, not too excited about this one. The way they closed out the first half was just terrible, but they did handle their business in the 2nd for the most part. Let’s not forget this is another crap team with no playoff hopes. JO actually does look pretty good.

  • by the way Powe is playing great danny should pulled that deal

  • oh hell yes, he could have made the playoff roster.

  • Gee, the oldest player in the NBA is hurt again? Never saw that coming. Well, at least we don’t have to depend on him since we got Perk..whoops.
    Instead, we have Mr.Glass Jermaine O’Neal shouldering the defensive load in the paint. Gulp.

  • Shaq is done. Comes back from an injury and gets injured again. Ainge is not looking too bright. Bye bye Boston.

  • Yeah, the most overrated player in Celtic history – the King of the Illegal Screen – and his 6 and 9 would change absolutely everything.