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Taking Stock: C’s-Hawks

RedsArmyAdmin April 2, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Taking Stock: C’s-Hawks

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Paul Pierce: I'm just going to put Paul Pierce's name here for this piece's template.  The C's offense devolved back into individual play last night, and Paul Pierce is the only guy on this team who can create his own shot and hit it consistently.  He kept the C's in it at the end… too bad the C's couldn't keep Atlanta off the boards to reward him. 

Delonte West: Dude was doin' work, blocking shots like he was 6'10".  Add 10 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals and you've got Mr. Do-It-All back at it. 

Doc Rivers:  I am going buy Doc and his resting of KG.  I wanted him to sit the whole game.  And its not like the C's did any better keeping Atlanta off the boards with him in there late.  They gave up offensive rebounds because guys were getting beat off the dribble and the rotations were either slow or non-existent… leaving the weak side wide open for tip in after tip in.  More KG wouldn't have changed that.  He needed the rest on a back-to-back and Doc gave it to him.

Sell Celtics Perimeter Defense:  Like I was just saying… the C's perimeter defense in the 4th quarter last night was terrible.  Guy were getting beat left and right.  That forced a big to step up and stop the drive.  And then no on on the other side rotated down to box out that big's man.  The C's were forcing misses, but then the Hawks would just tip those in because no one was helping.  That's one of two things:  fatigue or laziness…. or a combination of both.  

Glen Davis:  You were so good the other day, Baby, when you started to upfake and drive to the basket. You were almost exclusively a jump shooter last night.  And they came at bad time.  I appreciate the confidence you have in your shot… but you also need to understand that sometimes you have to get a little bit closer to the hoop.  And I never want to see you shoot more than Ray Allen.  Sorry man.  That shouldn't happen

Jeff Green:  I'm start to sour on this kid ever so slightly.  How a forward can play 23 minutes and not grab a single rebound is beyond me.  Especially when your two point guards combine for 13 of them.

Hold Jermaine O'Neal:  Still too early to make any definitive calls on him… though the altercation he had with Pachulia was dumb.  The ref had called the tech on Zaza… JO should have just walked off and taken the ball and free point.  Instead he lost his cool and got a tech himself.  Dumb play.

Ray Allen:  He looks like he's finding his range… but he missed a key layup down the stretch.  That's very un-Ray like. 

KG: 10 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in 27 minutes is pretty good.  But he really needed his rest last night.  He'll need more rest before the playoffs start, too.  

Rajon Rondo: 5 assists?  Chalk it up to a working night off for him and most of the other guys. Though he did grab 10 boards.  

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