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Players Poll: Pierce 14th biggest flopper

Pierce flopper's latest player poll is out and it asked who the NBA's biggest floppers were.  There were no surprises at the top… (Anderson VarejaoManu Ginobili).  But Pierce was 14… probably for looking like he's been shot by a sawed-off when he gets fouled.  So Pierce does a lot of his flopping on the offenseive end… where most of these other guys do it on the other end.  Nothing quite like bumping into Manu and watching him fly 20 feet like he'd just been hit by a New York City cab.

And before you Lakers jackwads want to come here and talk smack… Derek Fisher is #4 and Kobe is #13.  So why don't you go back to your hidey-hole and practice your excuses for what happens after Bynum's eventual season-ending knee injury.  You know he's overdue for that.

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  • Orb

    Complaining sure, but for a guy who never gets the call, I don’t think you can call it flopping.