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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #14 “Deep in the Heart of Texas”

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Bardy This week, I'm going to feature some diehard Celtics fans from the state of Texas. With there already being 3 teams to root for in the LOne Star state, the Mavs, Spurs and Rockets, Celtics fans really have to stick together.

Brady is a Celts fan from the smalltown of Boerne, Texas. He gets to the AT&T Center every year when the C's come to town, and says his fondest memory is being there to watch the C's beat the Spurs in 2007. It was the first time in 17 years that Boston beat the Spurs in San Antonio. That photo to the left is Brady & friend at last night's game.

JerryLyn's a great C's fan from San Marcos, Texas. She too makes her way to most Celtics games that take place in her home state. Her favorite Celtics memory/moment was the epic 7 game series between the C's and Bulls in 2009. She says "everyone played their hearts out..". JerryLyn was at last night's win in San Antonio, and says that 35% of the crowd were dressed in green. That's her in the second photo on the left.  She was at the game last night-and you can follow her on Twitter here.

JerryKatrina is originally from South Carolina, (just like our boy KG) but now resides in Dallas, Texas. Each year, when the C's travel to Big D to face the Mavs, Katrina is there. Her passion for the Boston Celtics is the real deal, and she takes quite a bit of crap for it. As is the case HK with all C's fans that find themselves in enemy territory, folks don't like us too much. But Katrina's not bothered-she wears her Celtics gear everywhere, paints her nails green and keeps it moving. That's her on the right.  You can follow K on Twitter here.

I know there are thousands more of Celtics fans in Texas, but I just wanted to feature a few of the ones that I feel do a great job repping us in the SouthWest. As always, get at me on Twitter if you have any suggestions or ideas for FanFriday. Thank you for reading, and GO CELTICS!

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