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Recap: Celtics wilt down the stretch

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Welcome to the 3rd seed!

The Celtics played a solid game for about 3 quarters before collapsing over the final 12 minutes in Atlanta.

How bad was the 4th quarter? The Cs scored 15 points on 29% shooting.

Atlanta killed the Celtics on the boards (52-38). They had 14 offensive rebounds. Zaza Pachulia (15 points, 10 rebounds) was a huge thorn.

I was not pleased that Doc left KG on the bench for 6 minutes in the 4th. Atlanta was dominating the boards as Garnett watched from the bench. KG played just 27 minutes. Would another 3 minutes have killed him?

Glen Davis was awful. Flat out awful. 9 points, 5 rebounds in 35 minutes. He was 0-5 in the 4th quarter with two big misses from the FT line. It's really not Glen's fault because he's not a 35 minute per game player.

The Celtics missed a ton of shots in the paint. 5-footers and layups just kept rolling off the rim.

Delonte West played a solid game. He had 10 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

There were a couple of skirmishes. Paul Pierce pushed Joe Johnson after a hard foul. Jermaine O'Neal and Pachulia had to be separated.

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  • We have to finish in front of Miami it’s a MUST

  • Wow, you’re really not going to mention another Jeff Green special (4 pts, ZERO rebounds, 4 fouls in 21 minutes)? If he gives them anything, they probably win the game. Problem is, more often than not he gives them nothing.

  • Wow Doc is right they could bleed right into the playoffs….just can’t get consistent wins

  • Out of gas. It was so obvious from the start of the 4th that they were spent. All their shots (most notably Kevin’s who had been burying jumpers all night) were falling short, they were getting beat on the boards (14-2 on O glass) and they started hucking up jumpers. When Pierce did start to attack the rim again it was too late. That and you also have to look at the all the missed layups tonight. Rondo missed a few, Ray also. FT shooting as well. Whatever. Can’t cry about it-the playoffs start in 14 days. Oh and the one bright spot of course is DWest, Killed it.

  • Yeah you could tell they were tired. I just hope we don’t finish behind Miami. I really hope LA lose a few as well if we make it to the finals we need Home Court.

  • Yep, I could care less about homecourt in the East, Miami or Chicago will be tough to get by anyway, but losing to the Flakers again would be crushing.

  • Are you “to the ruins”?

  • We celebrated the win over San Antonio, but they’re losing against everybody.
    All our problems are still there, and if they don’t know deep inside they can flip attitude coming PO time, we’re done.
    Guys need Shaq to believe that, even if (my opinion) Shaq is hurt now and will be for the rest of the season. I hope they won’t try to rest Shaq to have him ready for the off-season..
    Ah, this trade..

  • That one was tough to watch.

  • Can’t really blame this one on the refs but… I can’t help but mention that there were a lot of noticeable no-calls (Pierce’s continuation AND the crucial charge that he took, neither called) and some fouls that could’ve been called as flagrant. And one of the defensive three second calls on Pierce was bogus. You’re allowed to stay in the paint if you’re defending, and he was one step away from his assignment.

  • I was pretty shocked that Doc kept KG on the bench for so long too. Twenty seven minutes when the team is trying to go for the first seed? Really? Meanwhile, Ray is still averaging 40 minutes.

  • Today, I’m cleaning the tomato off of my flat screen.

  • That was dumb. Insulting a team that is better and is playing better than yours is a sign of weakness and stupidity. At this point it looks like Miami is going to smash Boston in the second round.

  • How does the Perkins trade taste now? Ainge is a moron and screwed Boston’s chances for another title.