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Shaq out till playoffs?

Via Sherrod

The Boston Celtics are starting to get worried that Shaquille O'Neal's sabbatical from the game to deal with an assortment of right foot/leg/Achilles tendon continues to take longer than expected to heal.

While the goal is to have him suit up before the playoffs, Celtics coach Doc Rivers acknowledged on Thursday that the team has no definitive idea as to when the 7-foot-1 center will be back.

"I really hope we can get him before the playoffs," said Rivers, who added that the injury is starting to "get close to bleeding" into the teams' postseason plans.

While the C's maintain there hasn't been any setback, they do say it has taken longer to heal than anticipated (isn't that a setback?).

Are we reaching KG-like levels when it comes to Shaq and his achilles?

There are two more weeks in the season.  I'd like to see Shaq back in time to regain his timing.  Hell… I just want to see Shaq back.


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  • Call me crazy but I think Shaq’s finished. Achilles injuries are really tough to recover from (Ive had one) and he’s old. I’d love to see him play again, but im certainly not expecting him to.

  • This is 2008-09 KG redux. They kept postponing, postponing and then finally they shut him down. Now we know why J.O. has been working extra hard to get back. I really try to stay positive when it comes to the C’s, but I’m seriously starting to doubt we’ll see Shaq at all this year. I really, really, REALLY hope he comes back, but your Achilles supports all your weight. With him we’re talking about 300+ lbs. If it’s now 2 weeks before the playoffs and he’s not cleared to practice, there’s now way even if he does come back that he’ll be anywhere near 100% come ECF or Finals.

  • I still think Shaq is fine and this is all just a smokescreen to keep him tucked away until the playoffs. It was suggested by some bloggers that the C’s do exactly that and I think they had the right idea. Danny and Doc know what they’re doing and I think Shaq’s gonna be back, relatively healthy and ready to help in the playoff run. I could be wrong of course, but that’s been my feeling for weeks now.

  • I sure hope so. Lets get this win tonight, we need it.
    In Ainge I trust.

  • Have playoff tickets gone on sale yet? If I remember correctly they shut Garnett down the day after.

  • That’s been in the back of my head for weeks, the KG analogy and all. And like you said have been convincing myself to stay positive, and this is all just preserving a 39 yr old with a bum foot. I hope it isn’t the case, but I think he’s done… subsequently, we’d be screwed.

  • IF that is true, and the players know it, that could explain the lack of focus, and guys like Ray being pissed about that lack of focus. Conspiracy galore

  • Not officially-they had a registration for a special presale, but not to the general public yet.