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Recap: Vintage Celtics beat Spurs

I had to check the calendar after the Celtics 107-97 victory over the Spurs.The Cs played like it was November, not March.

The offense was crisp. The Celtics shot 54% with 29 assists. I wonder why? Maybe it was Rajon Rondo's electrifying performance? 22 points, 14 assists, 5 rebounds and ZERO turnovers. The boy was playing with confidence. He was taking and making those 17 footers.

Kevin Garnett (20 points, 9-12 FG, 9 rebounds) and Paul Pierce (21 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists) also had strong games.

How about that rollercoaster 3rd quarter? The Celtics went on a 10-0 run. The Spurs countered with an 11-2 run. The Celtics hit back with a 14-3 run to close the quarter.

Jermaine O'Neal looked decent. He went 11 minutes and had 5 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist. We're going to need him (and Shaq) because I doubt Nenad Krstic is going to play again this year. His knee injury looked bad.

Update: Doc on Krstic, "He's out this weekend, then MRI so other than that I don't know"

Ray Allen struggled again – 13 points on 3-11 FG. He did hit a 3-pointer in the 4th that stretched the Celtics lead into double-digits.

Von Wafer returned and played two minutes.

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  • celt’s win when garnett puts up 20/10

  • The body still has a pulse! Welcome back Rondo!
    Hard to watch the Spurs basically going through a layup drill in the 1st half, but our guys showed they can still play with the elite. Baby had another great game…..KG was revived, and even Ray showed signs of life with that big 3 late.
    Hopefully Kristic isnt done for the year. Would be nice to have him in the playoffs, but yeah, thats was NOT pretty on replay.
    Important they win tomorrow night in the ATL.

  • more like rondo putting up 20/10. guarantee you we’re undefeated when he puts up that number.

  • When Rondo attacks, he’s as good as there is. When he doesn’t, he’s ordinary.
    Nice to see some class over here about Krstic, class that is noticeably absent on some other blogs where the mods are eaten up with hate over the Perkins trade. His offense would be pretty useful in the playoffs, and he was defending pretty well before the injury.

  • Jermaine was great. Nobody expected him to do anything other than run up and down the floor, yet he hit a couple of nice shots and got to the ft line. Good for him. Rondo was surely the catalyst tonight, but the Captain really got this team going. From the minute the game started, he was relentless. Attacking, shooting, tough D. He set the tone for the rest of the team and they followed. Can’t say enough about KG’s clutch shooting also. And DWest had some really big plays too. Solid win. Let’s hope Krstic is not done for the year. If he is, we’ll have to deal w/it.

  • Rasheed Wallace.
    just kidding…

  • Shaq needs to be healthy now if not able to play through the post season then retire already.

  • It just kills me that we have to give “atta boys” to a guy making 6.5 million per year.

  • Thanks to this Kristic injury, KG is going to be burnt toast if the C’s make a deep playoff run. I don’t expect either O’Neal to last past the first round healthy. It already looks like Shaq just isn’t going to make it back at all.
    I will gladly eat a heaping bowl of crow if Jermaine O’Neal can start earning his asinine contract starting now.

  • Sheeeeeet *Clay Davis voice* it’d be a lie if every C’s fan including myself said they didn’t think the same thing at some point tonight..

  • Rondo was great! His jump shots looks great! Hopefully his really out of his funk this time and so is the whole team.
    Another big down, hopefully Nads comeback before Playoffs. Glad Jermaine O’Neal is back.
    Great win Celtics!

  • Great win tonight. But was it worth the price? Obviously not.
    By the looks of it, hes done. I hope Im wrong.
    Does anyone think we have a chance with NO truly healthy center in the playoffs?
    Feeling rather pessimistic about this one.

  • JO chose surgery. It has given him the best chance to be back this year. Sure there can always be a set back but you’d think something has to finally go Boston’s way.
    Think of the possibility had the C’s shut down and had done surgery on KG in 2009. Like O’Neal he might have been able to give Boston 10-15 inspired minutes per game in the post season. That could have been a game changer that year.
    As for Shaq I feel he’s fine. Doc knows he can only go a few dozen games. Ainge knows Shaq is fine and wants him playing into shape starting next week. He needed cortisone to play in the regular season he’ll use same for the post season.
    Rondo’s football pass to Green for the lay in was sick. Happened during that second run towards end of third. Boston over ATL tomorrow.
    Get well soon Nads…

  • JD

    If we run into the Magic, then no? But against the Heat, we put Baby at center against whatever scrub they put out there, KG still checks Bosh, and I think we could still own Miami. The Bulls would be tough with Noah, but I think we’d have a chance without Nenad still. After all, its just Nenad Krstic… he’s a good player, but it’s not like our success is absolutely contingent upon him. Big Baby, Delonte, even Jeff Green are still more important than him. As long as JO can give us 20 min. (big “if” though) and Shaq can come back for a little bit, I think the Big 4-plus-Baby could do well against every team not named Orlando.