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Krstic leaves with knee injury

Nenad Krstic left the game late in the 2nd quarter with a right knee injury.  There was no contact on the play… his right knee just buckled as he was running down the court on the fast break. 

He's done for the night.  TNT's David Aldridge quoted Doc as saying they're not sure what it is, but "it doesn't look good."

Injuries where there is no contact and a knee buckles almost never end well.  I don't want to speculate too much… but everyone knows that knee injuries with no contact are not good.

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  • hopefully its a quick rebound, he can be this yrs nate robinson 😉

  • We have had five different starting centers this year, and everyone have had bad injuries. How is this possible?

  • Looks like an ACL to me. Bad. Guy’s offense would have been extremely handy in the playoffs.

  • i’m just talkin out my ass, but I’m thinking knee sprain and nothing major.
    BTW, the Celtics win this game by 20+ if refs had called a decent game…. Good thing for Tommy’s health he wasn’t there in person.

  • * poof *
    why is it whenever the C’s get somebody back from injury, someone else goes down?

  • Celtics should have a wing at a local hospital named after them…Jeeze be well Krstic…