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Jermaine O’Neal is ready to return

Of course… the term "unexpected setback" and "O'Neal" have been synonymous this season (and with both O'Neals).  So we'll have to wait and really see if he's back tomorrow.

BUT… any tall person who can theoretically play NBA basketball is a help right now.  And if Jermaine can just come in and rebound, block a couple of shots, and set a few screens… we'll all be very happy. 

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  • any one in philly? Jester00 is in town and wants to grab a drink tonight,tomm, or the next day

  • I can place a bet that something is going to happen and he won’t play on Thursday. JO is literally made out of glass and if he plays Thursday and actually survives playing a game (especially an inevitable physical match against the Spurs), I will be very shocked.

  • I agree. I also would be completely surprised if he makes it to the offseason in one piece. Im giving him a 20% chance on that one. Im feeling generous.
    This whole season now seems, unfortunately, to hinge on the successful return of Shaq. Im feeling rather pessemistic about our chances. (a few solid wins would probably make me feel better, but when the hell is that going to happen?)

  • I’m going to look at our last 5 games to see if the Celtics are ready. Typically, they’ve been coasting in their final 20 games in the past two years now but they always seem to put the pedal to the metal on their last 5 games so they can get some momentum going into the Playoffs.
    If they don’t play the way we used to see them playing (first half of season and also including the way they played two weeks after the trade), then we are screwed.

  • WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!
    Jermaine O’Neal still plays in the NBA????????????????
    just kidding…
    wow… people are very negative about this stuff… it’s better to have low expectations I guess? :/

  • DRJ

    JO after the SA game: “Oh, my knee hurts. Goodbye cruel world. I got some more sleepin’ to do.”
    Anyway, it’s Shaq who we need back. No two ways about that.

  • I’m not complaining. The way our interior defense has been, I welcome J.O. back. Whatever he can bring we desperately need. I’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I personally give the dude credit for his effort. Alot of players would’ve and have quit over lesser injuries. Can fault dude for his hard work. But I’m not an idiot either-I know the odds are stacked against him and we’ll be very lucky if he doesn’t get scrapped before the playoffs even start.

  • Why am I not getting excited? Oh yeah its because JO is done.