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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen is pissed off

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

When the consummate professional is angry, he doesn’t lash out in the media or bare his soul when his emotions are raw. He slips out of the back of the visiting locker room at Conseco Fieldhouse, nearly jamming his nice travel bag in the door, pulling it through so hard that a piece breaks off and falls onto the floor.

Ray Allen kept walking, hardly concerned about the condition of his bag, more consumed by his lack of involvement in the Celtics’ offense and the team’s struggles to score down the stretch.

Allen has attempted nearly three fewer shots per game in March than in February. In the past four games, Allen, 35, has logged an average of 37 minutes and has taken just over nine shots per game. The Celtics have lost three of those games.

The Celtics are 18-4 this season when Allen scores 20 or more points. That statistic cannot be ignored.

Globe – Frustrated Allen cuts backdoor

This is the difficulty with having a Big 4. Sometimes you need another basketball.

For months, we've been chirping that Rondo needs to be more aggressive. He was in attack mode last night and took 13 shots. Wasn't it just last week that Doc Rivers said Paul Pierce needs more shots? And KG has played well enough this season that he deserves to get his shots too.

The offense is clearly missing balance. You can't have Ray Allen go an entire month averaging three fewer shots per game. One game here and one game there, that's ok.

So what's the answer? Paging Doc Rivers…

On Page 2, Jermaine O'Neal is going to play Thursday. Seriously.

He's targeting Thursday night's game at San Antonio for his return, but coach Doc Rivers isn't nearly as optimistic.

"I doubt it," Rivers said when asked about O'Neal coming back that quickly. "There's a chance. That's just so quick. Honestly, the only way is if we had some type of other injury or something. Even then, I doubt I'd do it."

Regardless of when he returns, O'Neal has prepared himself as best he could.

Working out in Chicago with famed trainer Tim Grover, O'Neal said he has spent weeks working out six days a week.

The result is he's in better shape now than he was when he reported to the Celtics this summer, adding that he has also dropped 12 pounds to take even more pressure off his surgically repaired left knee.

"Whatever it's going to be, I'm physically prepared for," O'Neal said. "And if it doesn't pan out the way I want it to be, I can say I know I've given it my all."

CSNNE – J O'Neal rejoins team

After watching Roy Hibbert torch the Celtics last night, I'll take anything Jermaine O'Neal can give. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. Anything…

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  • Plus if u do this u put the ball in kg ray and pierces hands alot more
    guys ur not hearing wat im saying here . IM NOT SAYIGN BENCH PAUL PIERCE. im saying move him to the bench to improve the team. Id say out of the big 3 play pierce the most minutes dont take away any of his minutes just change in the game when theyre gonna be. Im just saying if u bring him off the bench look how dynamic the bench comes delonte wafer pierce baby kristic. Starting 5 rondo ray green garnett shaq. it blends the youth with the big 3 much better. now the bench has a dynamic scorer instead of relyign on baby to score baskets. Now pierce gets to go off against bench players which will have nightmares about coverign him. The starters lose very little bc they have the scorers and its not liek green didnt start in oklahoma he did and at the 3 he becomes extremly oversized and very hard to cover. Wats the point of being a captain… leading ur team to victory… if theres anyone who could accept this role for the betterment of the team it should be the captain. Plus as i said before when it comes down to crunchtime u can easily put pierce back in with the starters and u have the choice of leaving in green bc and taking out shaq bc of his foul shot troubles. It be bold it be hard to swallow but it makes the second line as deadly as the first i mean imagine putting in the second lineup and u practically have the same or maybe even better team out there than the starters???

  • Its a pride thing it shouldn’t matter who starts but last time I checked Paul isn’t from Europe so that ain’t going to happen. I agree with ya kinda but what’s the difference from when they were champs? Ball movement, right? Move the rock!!! I really think they don’t want to work for the top seed and that’s to bad. In Ainge I trust

  • The ball movement issue isn’t because of Paul Pierce.
    It’s Rondo.
    Last night he played “hero ball” in the first half which gave him a decent amount of scoring, but took away from everyone else, and then he tanked it in the second half and didn’t play at all. He’s been playing like a bitch since the Perkins trade. Maybe they should have traded him too, and picked up Deron Williams. He clearly doesn’t want to be here anymore.