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Taking Stock: C’s-Pacers

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Paul Pierce: This guy just keeps getting it done.  And he keeps doing it while dunking on fools in the process.  

Rajon Rondo:  I'm actually not as high on his overall game as some people are.  His first half, offensively, was brilliant.  It was vintage Rondo.  But then things changed.  It's not all his fault, but Darren Collison's explosion mostly was. Nevertheless, I'm buying Rondo being back and capable of doing more every game.

Glen Davis: He passed up a bunch of jump shots he would normally take and he went to the hoop. I'm totally buying this version of Glen Davis.  Mix it up rather than settle for jumpers. There's a reason he scored 20 on 7-11 shooting.  It could have been more if a few fouls were called.

Sell Nenad Krstic: Until he gets his head out of his ass, I'm selling.  Yes, he got into foul trouble last night.  But he was also a -14 in 17 minutes.  He's got to wake up.

Jeff Green: I agonized over whether I wanted to be this harsh on Jeff Green… but I'm tired of waiting for him to do more than having the odd great game.  I want more than "GREAT GAME… meh, meh, meh, meh, WOW, GREAT GAME…. meh, meh).  I know its not all his fault, but I still want "the best player in the trade" to be a little more consistent…. that's all.

Hold Kevin Garnett:  He looks tired.  He's only scoring a hair over 10 ppg over the last 4.  It's 12.4 over his last 10 but that includes a 24 point eruption against the Knicks.  The man needs more rest.  So no more KG running unecessary sprints after practice.  They need to hit him with the tranquilizer gun if he gets out of hand.

Ray Allen:  Shooters need to shoot and he needs the ball to do that.  It's no wonder he's pissed off.  I know when one guy (like Rondo) goes off other guys see their shots drop.  But Ray needs to get his regular shots.

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  • D

    I can’t agree with the “buy” on Davis. Sure he had a decent game last night but that’s what he does. He has a couple of decent games and then he thinks he can do it all. In the last 3 losses and including the win over the Wolves (where he was 4-15. Really 15 attempts!) he’s averaging 3 more fg attempts than Allen. This should never happen. In the Win over NY he only took 8 to Allens 16 and look at what happened. He shouldn’t even average more attempts than Green when the 2nd unit is on the floor, and I think that’s part of Green’s problem. I belive it is no coincidence that the 2nd unit struggles when Davis has the most shot attempts. I want Davis for 2 things. D and rebounds. That’s it. He shouldn’t be the focal point of the offense and I think he believes he is. Whether if it’s with the 1st or 2nd unit on floor. This will probably piss off most people because they love Davis but I watch every game and this has been bugging me for a long, long time. I look at Davis like most of you looked at TA. Nice talent but aggrevates the piss out you.

  • I like the Davis buy. He has been busting his hump and playing smart(-er) ball this month.
    Still not sure on Rondo.

  • Ray Allen hasn’t had his shot going for the last 4 or 5 games. He isn’t hitting, so why should he take more shots? You should be benching Rondo, not buying him. He’s radioactive at the moment. Baby hustles. He may overdo it sometimes but he busts his hump every game. With his spotty shooting lately, maybe he should shoot less. But he works hard for the money even if he shouldn’t be steering the car so much. Unlike Rajon the driver on his cell phone, checking his messages instead of practicing defensive driving. Let Delonte drive for a while. He may not be the Rondo sportscar but I’ll take the well constructed Prius any day.