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Rondo out again tonight

Comcast SportsNet just reported Rajon Rondo will miss tonight's game due to his injured pinky finger.  Delonte West will start again.  The C's are off tomorrow and Wednesday.  They face the Spurs on Thursday night on TNT.

UPDATE:  Scratch that.  Doc says there's been a change of plans.  Rondo's available tonight

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  • NO SUCH LUCK!!! Someone posted last week about how you love Rondo’s game. Open your eyes. He is a cancer. HE lost the game against Indiana all on his own. His AWFUL defense on Darren Collison gave up 8 points at the crucial point in the game. He cannot seem to stay with ANYONE in the league anymore. Lazy defense. Can’t fight through any picks. Won’t bend his legs. Chases from behind. Forces his teammates to have to pick up his man. Slows the pace of the game instead of moving it forward. I HATE his game. Nearly every aspect of it and unfortunately for this team, they have become Rondo-dependent or Rondo-centric. This 4th quarter was another embarrassment for this whole team but Rondo was just terrible. I will pray for him to break his pinkie and we can hope he’s out for the season. I can’t stand watching him anymore. FRUSTRATION!