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Recap: The Celtics continue to drive me mad

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Ugh. How many ways can I say the Celtics are playing like crap?

Here's the definition of inconsistency: The Celtics scored 33 points in the 1st quarter, 16 in the 2nd quarter, 36 in the 3rd quarter and 15 in the 4th quarter.

KG had 6 points, 6 rebounds in 24 foul-plagued minutes. Ray Allen had 11 points. The Celtics won't win many games with these two guys taking a total of 12 shots.

Aside from Glen Davis (20 points, 5 rebounds), the bench was non-existent. Delonte West and Jeff Green were a combined -30.

The Celtics choked in the final 5 minutes. They had three turnovers and three missed free throws.

On the bright side… Rajon Rondo played a helluva first half (18 of his 22 points). He was super-aggressive. But it needs to be noted that Darren Collison got the best of him down the stretch.

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  • You forgot to mention Krstic. Nice trade by Danny.

  • These guys arent winning a championship this year. I’m not blaming DA anymore either, this is on the team. I just hope Danny is as aggressive this summer as he was afew weeks ago when we seemingly had the championship in the bag.

  • PS, saying Collison “got the best of” Rondo down the stretch is like saying the Indians got the best of Custer at Little Big Horn.

  • There’s something so blatant here. Age. I know that folks are really riding this “there’s no back-to-backs in the playoffs” thing, but KG and Ray’s age is starting to really show as we get ready to enter the playoffs.

  • HA! What happened losers? After all the crap you guys spewed out of the Lakers, your dumbasses have stumbled the last month.


  • Just when we get our offense going again, our defense look like shit…. inconsistency at its best, but as much as we dont like this loss, its surprising we are still #2, thats a true blessing, cause we’ve been looking like shit, gotta get this thing here together, and another sad thing about this, we still have a good chance of catching Chicago for 1st… But right now we need to gt our shit together, or they’re going to be sorry come June, and Im going to be very pissed… Im not that pissed right now, but Im getting fed up, we need to wake up…

  • Doc isn’t coming back next year.

  • We are in deep trouble. I see no easy way out of the current predicament. The guys are mailing it in, the new guys aren’t getting it done, and yes, I agree Ray and KG are looking old (thankfully not Paul…yet). At this point, im tempted, out of desperation, to say limit the vets to like 20 mins a game, get them ready for the playoffs, and be resigned to the fact that our playoff position is going to suck. Shit idea, right? Im out of good ones.

  • ummmm…the offense was the least of our worries…how about getting stops…and how about stupid ass turnovers in the 4th quarter…..they need to get their heads in gear.

  • You have to stop excusing Rondo. Yes, he finally had a decent offensive half. He is cancer to this team now. KG ought to be telling this to him. His horrid defense allowed Collison to score the last 8 points. Collison alone, Collison having to be picked up by Baby. A loose ball picked up by Collisin. What happened to the guy who dove for one in the playoffs last year? People talk about his basketball IQ. 200? More like a developmently disabled 68. Why can’t the quickest guy on the court stay with any guy he’s guarding? Either he’s lazy or doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to stay between his man and the basket. I HATE his game in the last 30 games. He embarrasses me as a devoted Celtics fan but, more so, he embarrases his team and is the primary reason that this Rondo-centric group is stuck in the mud. Not that any of them are playing with any guts or heart. But when he’s in the game, he’s become like a gaping hole from which the air is rapidly being sucked out of banner 18. Arrggghh!!!

  • Put pierce on the bench and bring jeff green in the starting lineup. helps out both squads bc rondo can run with green and piece can be a scorer on the bench. then in the 4th quarter bring pierce back in with the starters at the end of the game. Its a bold idea but i think it will give the celtics the shot in the arm that this team needs right now and really makes our bench turn from a weak point to a strong point and really doesn’t drop the starters abiltiy bc they would have an oversized offense threat at the 3 in jeff green. Its bold and will shake up the mindset of the celtics but it could really solidify this team.

  • The Celtics are 5-5 since they traded Perkins. How dumb is Danny?

  • I dont know what is more incredible…that the C’s are playing this badly, or that I’m prepared to consider putting the Captain of the Boston Celtics on the bench to improve the team dynamic. Frightening.

  • It’s unbelievable that they’re actually replaying last year’s post-xmas meltdown. Pierce is the last guy I’d bench out of the starters though. Him and Baby are the only guys worth watching lately.
    Yes, Doc will shorten the bench come playoff time but he basically already has and they’re still losing to shit teams. Getting outplayed at both ends of the court. KWAPT mentioned age and I cant shake the image of KG getting turned back on a dunk attempt last week. No team has ever played this shitty at the end of the year, developed such crappy tendencies, and then won it all. Add to that the fact that all the other so called contenders are peaking and it is indeed frightening.

  • no troll statements required. you guys flat out suck. maybe another decade oldies

  • Doc should bench Rondo just to send the message. And if the original Big Three is underperforming, just put Green or Baby in, let them play 35 minutes. Everyone has to work hard to earn the right to play with a green jersey. No exceptions.

  • I’m just frustrated at this point. A month ago I was thrilled by the kind of season we were having. Top seed in the East seemed to be easily within reach, and overall we would be just behind San Antonio. Now it looks like we are on our way to #3, which would probably make us play Miami and Chicago. In other words, the excellent first half of the season would completely go to waste and it would not be a significant improvement over last year.
    I still hope they will get their act together and show some fight before the playoffs, but I think I am just fooling myself. Last year they completely gave up in April and woke up for Miami in the 1st round. Could happen again, but we should not be going through this.

  • guys ur not hearing wat im saying here . IM NOT SAYIGN BENCH PAUL PIERCE. im saying move him to the bench to improve the team. Id say out of the big 3 play pierce the most minutes dont take away any of his minutes just change in the game when theyre gonna be. Im just saying if u bring him off the bench look how dynamic the bench comes delonte wafer pierce baby kristic. Starting 5 rondo ray green garnett shaq. it blends the youth with the big 3 much better. now the bench has a dynamic scorer instead of relyign on baby to score baskets. Now pierce gets to go off against bench players which will have nightmares about coverign him. The starters lose very little bc they have the scorers and its not liek green didnt start in oklahoma he did and at the 3 he becomes extremly oversized and very hard to cover. Wats the point of being a captain… leading ur team to victory… if theres anyone who could accept this role for the betterment of the team it should be the captain. Plus as i said before when it comes down to crunchtime u can easily put pierce back in with the starters and u have the choice of leaving in green bc and taking out shaq bc of his foul shot troubles. It be bold it be hard to swallow but it makes the second line as deadly as the first i mean imagine putting in the second lineup and u practically have the same or maybe even better team out there than the starters???