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Enemy Chatter: There were Ray and Rondo jerseys everywhere

Enemy chatter

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Minnesota.

Look, I get the diehard KG fans, forum posters here, ya know, people who follow the team, who would go to the game and cheer for Garnett… die hards. NBA fans. But never in attending all of the marquee games over the past 3 years have I been more ashamed of the Target Center crowd tonight. it was absolutely pathetic. Look, again, I get some want Garnett to do well. I get the Wolves suck. I get it if a small faction of fans want to do it in a raise-the-middle-finger gesture to Kahn, Rambis, Taylor and the rest of the 600 First Avenue boobs. But, just wow. It was absolutely insane. The crowd went nuts when Boston regained the lead…on our home floor. There were Ray Allen jerseys, Rondo jerseys all over. I couldn't believe it.

Has this EVER happened in any other sports situation? That the GENERAL, CASUAL, and NON-DIEHARD fan would go to a game and root for the other team in such pathetic fashion that they had to run a skit on the jumbotron on how idiotic bandwagon fans are? Minnesotans truly are bandwagon fans. We don't deserve another Garnett after that display of poor form.

Just a shame…..inexcusable really, that the general fan who doesn't know what is going on wears a Celtics jersey to a home Timberwolves game. Those people aren't die hards. Those people exemplify the fair-weathered nature that is parasitic to our sports franchises. Why is this the case? Is there no pride here? Even with 17 wins you can't want and hope a shorthanded squad will take the cake?

T-Wolves Blog

As I watched the game amid the chaos of the Red's Army party, with a buzz and one eye on the TV, I could tell there were a lot of Celtics fans at the Target Center. I mean… a lot of Celtics fans.

Are these real Celtics fans? Or T-Wolves fans who have give up all hope?

Oh well,  maybe the sea of green will motivate David Kahn to make good personnel decisions.

On Page 2, Doc Rivers coaches and Kurt Rambis stands there.

One of the most notable moments of the game was when Nenad Kristc made a particularly bad defensive play on Darko and Doc Rivers spent the better part of a timeout berating/correcting the guy about his mistake. From the TV broadcast it was quite clear that Nenad was not playing the way the Celtics had prepared to play and that he was going to be called out/held accountable for it.  On the Wolves side of the ball, even with the Zen Master's newfound interest in actually being involved in game action, it doesn't seem attached to anything substantial.  The Wolves seem like a philosophy major who is working at McDonalds.  They spent all that time working on theory and ideas when everybody around them was much more concerned with things like time clock management, oil temps, and burger flipping times.  There's a reason nobody else is doing what the Wolves are and its fans are reminded of this fact on a near nightly basis.

Canis Hoopus

Skimming through the Wolves blogs, one thing is clear: They don't like Kurt Rambis.

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  • I was forced to listen to the game on KFAN radio (Minnesota’s T-Wolves affiliate) last night – and the radio announcers were dumbstruck by the crowd. They estimated 80% of the crowd were Celtics fans. They said they’d never seen anything like it in all their years.

  • I was at the game last night in my Ray Allen jersey last night. I agree that it was a strong majority of C’s fans, but the Wolves fans did get decently loud a few times. Not much to cheer about for them if you ask me. While waiting at the gates before they opened, I literally didn’t see any Wolves fans amongst hundreds if not thousands of Celtic fans. I was shocked, to say the least!