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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is shocked

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"The way we're playing shocks me," Rivers said. "Our attitude shocks me. We're just not ready to win any games right now the way we play, the way our approach is to basketball games. I told them that with about five minutes left. I said, 'If we win great, you find your own way.'

"Right now I just think we've become very, very selfish. Not as far as trying to get our own, but everything is about how we're playing individually instead of how the team is playing. You can see it, a guy struggles, he pouts, he moans. Everything is 'me, me, me' on our team right now. Feeling sorry for themselves instead of giving themselves to the team and playing."

ESPN Boston

That's the problem with a veteran team who has had a lot of success. They think they can do it their way.

Doc also mentioned how the guys "drop their heads" when the going gets tough. Is that when they quit? Is that when the say "screw this – this ain't the playoffs"??

Rivers is clearly annoyed. Scott Souza sensed it even before last night's debacle:

Then came Rivers’ pregame availability that was dripping with sarcasm for its entire six minutes. He dismissed most talk about Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal returning from injuries like those reports were from the boys who cried “Wolf!” He said of Shaquille O’Neal: “I’ve been saying one week for three weeks.” He said of Jermaine O’Neal: “He’s meeting us in Indiana (Monday). … He’s not going to play, but he’ll be in a suit on the bench. … He thinks he can practice.”

He even mocked the notion that Thursday’s workout – which he declined to speak with the media after – was this hard-nosed effort session some of the players had portrayed it as. When asked about Kevin Garnett supposedly not wanting to leave the court after practice, Rivers said he appreciated the sentiment, but qualified that at Garnett’s age he should know better.

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On Page 2, Delonte West is in pain.

“I got out of house arrest this morning. I’ve got something to smile about,” he said.

But he’ll be carrying regret, too. The Celtics guard said last night he has a bone chip in his right ankle, stemming from a practice at UCLA on Feb. 27. Asked if he eventually will have to have surgery, West instead took a page out of the Shaquille O’Neal play-in-pain book.

West said he’s never had a cortisone shot before, but he’ll do it to stay on the floor in the playoffs.

“We’ll look at it in the next two weeks and then see,” he said after grimacing at the surgery question. “If it bothers me in the playoffs, we’ll do the cortisone shot.”

Herald – Delonte West suffering

You gotta love a guy who can joke about his house arrest.

As for the painful bone chip, Delonte is one tough bastard. He'll try to play through anything. I just hope he's still effective.

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  • Doc is going to lose this guys. This is not the first time he says something about KG, and he is the most dangerous guy to lose. Doc’s little moves of “motivation” might do just wrong. He is a great coach, but he’s not flawless either. He should be more cautious. He’s as good coach as they let him to be, He should be aware of that.

  • Lose KG? Doc should be up his ass if he continues to get outrebounded by scrubs like Boris Diaw and Marc Gasol.

  • He should, but not publicly.

  • Delonte was really grimacing last night after a layup. It’s obvious that when he puts any weight on that ankle it’s excruciating. Doc may want to consider giving Bradley/Pavlovic some burn in these last 10+ games. It’ll conserve DWest for postseason and get those guys some minutes in case they’re thrust into action due to any other injuries.

  • They’ll be alright, they’re all veterans, of course the GUYS wont like that Doc said things to the media, but they’re going to uderstand that if what he said isnt true, then they need to come out and prove him wrong, if they continue to play like this, then I question their veteranship in the first place…

  • Thankfully I’m not alone, called it quits after last night’s game wondering if I was the only one tremendously pissed, clearly not.. lots of comments, not many optimistic. Though I may have to print a Delonte t-shirt with that phrase wrapped around a KFC bucket, pure gold.
    I 100% agree with Doc on the O’Neals b.s. Please talk about how to win games with the guys we got.
    I don’t know if we are looking for something that isn’t there and they are just tired and predictable, or if truly patching the team together late-season has that much effect on ball movement. I don’t buy that guys are mailing it in, I think they are too proud for that and the defensive efforts have mostly been there.
    There is a lot of chatter about the C’s not creating plays for specific people, etc. which is fair. But when the offense has a seized engine it would be wise to run some set plays for whoever has the mismatch.