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This is what you’re gonna get with Rajon Rondo

Back-of-Rondo-jersey copyI love Rajon Rondo.  I'll say that up front.  I love that he's the type of point guard he is.  I love the mind-bending assists.  I love the pool shark spin on his layups. 

But one thing that is becoming really obvious is that loving Rajon Rondo means learning to love the enigma that he is.  Because when you talk about the Celtics and boredom, you're chiefly talking about Rajon Rondo.

Rajon is a 25 year old speed demon.  He's a guy who can take the ball baseline to baseline, weaving between defenders, in four seconds flat and lay it in.  LAY IT IN!  He's a Porsche.  He's built for speed.  

And what does he have running with him?  A bunch of Cadillacs.  Sweet rides, no doubt.  But they're cars your uncle drives.  They're in the middle lane of the highway… cruising at 65.  

Ever drive a sports car at 65?  Ever feel all that horse power just waiting beneath your feet… begging you to punch it, drop it into 5th, and fly?  Ever sit there in one of those things surrounded by old-man Caddys just looking for an opening so you can gun it and leave those guys in the dust? 

It's not fun.  And it can't be fun for Rondo.  The thing is, those old guys are the key to the team winning.  They're the reason the team is not good, but great (when they want to be).  So you've got to keep them happy.  Rajon Rondo, the slickest distributor in the league, is forced to flip the ball to Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Because when he doesn't, he gets an ear full.  Ray will come up to him.  Paul will come up to him.  KG will come up to him.

"Hey… they're switching… find me cuz I can take my guy"
"Hey… this guys is going under picks… find me cuz I can take the shot"
"Hey… this guy is fronting me… find me over the top"

To you and me… this is what Rondo is supposed to do.  He's the point guard feeding three Hall of Famers.  And when the whole thing is flowing and everyone is doing what they're supposed to do, it works.  But you can't tell me Rondo doesn't want to just fly and carve up the D and flip his little funky layup and wild passes to other thoroughbreds who are filling the lanes left by his wake.  

You could see it in his play last night.  You could see Rondo making simple passes fancy.  You could see Rondo just laying back, waiting for someone to move somewhere so he could thread a needle and make a spectacular play.  

If anyone is going to be bored, its Rajon.  If anyone is getting sick of doing what he's doing, it's the kid out there milling about with all the old guys.  When Paul Pierce is yelling at Rondo on the court to do things, its obvious which one of these guys is getting a little sick of the grind. 

Yes, he's a bit banged up too.  But you can see him turn it on and off.  You can see Rondo be an attacker when he WANTS to be an attacker.  But he'll do it when he wants to.  And don't tell him any differently. 

Rajon is the 200 IQ kid that fails classes in high school.  Disinterested even though he could ace everything with some effort and really be innovative if he's motivated.  It's why he gambles on D rather than stay in front of his man.  Its why he passes up layups instead of taking easy points.  

He'll get the job done.  He'll make our jaws drop.  But he'll do it on his own terms. 

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  • He’s been doing it for months now, brings the ball up, waves his hand around to tell guys where he wants them. pounds the ball into the floor afew more times. Now the clock is down to where either he launches something ridiculous or someone else rushes a jumper.
    He is capable when he wants to be, but this crap is too much. And by the way, Perk is over it, he loves the guys in OKC and gets it’s just business. Rondo is acting like a child.
    I’ll end on a positive note…..he must have worked hard to get that free-throw percentage up over 50%.

  • I completely agree with this article. I think the Celtic coaches need to step up and critique rondo on his game.They need to tell him to take it strong to the hoop and FINISH STRONG (not flashy spin layups) they need to tell him to make passes with two hands bc ONE HANDED PASSES LEAD TO MORE TURNOVERS. They need to tell him NOT REACH ON DEFENSE and just play stong man to man d bc u have one of the best defensive teams behind u and if u stop reaching ull stop leaving them out to dry by having to help on ur man time after time.You need to stop walking the ball up the court and starting the offense at 15-16 seconds( A Point that i was happy to here heinson brought up yesterday bc ive been saying it for months). Even a light jog can do but when u walk it up it kills the offense. They need to tell him to get to the outlet on every rebound don’t come back to the ball bc it kills the fast break. Its up to the celtic coaches to point this out to rondo bc if not hell keep doing it.

  • So you’re argument that Rondo is such a savant that he’s become bored feeding the Big 3, which in turn effects the rest of his game? That’s ridiculous. Its not their fault Rondo comically passes up breakaway layups or can’t hit free throws. If he’s so bored, why not put up hundreds of free throws a day? Get better, work harder. Work on the elbow jumper he still can’t master.
    The fact is Rondo was spoken as a top 3 PG a year ago. He’s the x-factor that sets them apart from all other contenders. This year, he’s regressed while his counterparts (Rose, Westbrook) have improved. He’s still great, but he’s approaching Antoine Walker territory with his maddening style of play.

  • yeah when i said i compelty agreed with this article i meant the parts of rondo’s games that made me mad I didn’t agree on the big 3 being a part of it. If anythign rondo’s game is extremely helped out by them because they have the ability to make shots which makes Rondo and his all important stat line of assists much higher than what it would be on a bad starting lineup.

  • Well said Classless. I got killed on here last year when I mentioned there were afew PG’s I’d take over Rondo. I’d say he’s still top 5, but on my list he’s #5….and with a little work that he’s apparently unwilling to do, he could easily be #1. I know I mention this often enough, but how the hell can ANYONE, much less a guard, shoot that bad from the line? It’d be laughable if he didnt play on the C’s.

  • What fans of Rondo don’t seem to admit is his weaknesses (motivation, free throws, elbow jumpers) can all be addressed with hard work. Derrek Rose did it. Russell Westbrook did it. Why can’t Rondo? Even Jason Kidd managed to become a 3pt shooter. Until then, he’s fatally flawed and will possibly be benched in tight games because of it.

  • Great Article Red’s Army.