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Shaq’s coming back April 5th…… maybe

RedsArmyAdmin March 26, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Shaq’s coming back April 5th…… maybe

Via ESPN Boston

"[Shaq coming on the road trip is] a possibility, I actually heard that there's a chance, but I don't expect it," Rivers said before Saturday's practice at the Sports Authority Training Center. "I can tell you I've heard different things. I just think that's too optimistic, in my opinion, just being around the game long enough to know that, when they take the boot off, you usually don't play a day later. And I don't see him flying on the plane, getting the boot off — I just think that's unrealistic.

"There's a better chance — when do we come home, next Sunday? There's a better chance there [versus Detroit] and I actually don't think that's realistic. It's more likely the game after that [versus Philadelphia]. That would be our target date for Shaq. And I don't even know if that one is [going to hold firm]."

Hey, if he DOES come back April 5th, then you might be able to go see him when you WIN TICKETS AT OUR PARTY TOMORROW!!

That's right… if you don't know by now, we're having a party tomorrow at Red Sky on North St. in Boston.  It starts at 6pm, we'll have FREE FOOD, Svedka will be providing some drinks, and we're going to raffle off a couple of tickets to that April 5th game against Philly.  

Think about that.  You'll come out, eat free food, get hammered, and win tickets to Shaq's return.  Sounds like a great day to me.  Bring as many people as you want.  You can RSVP on our Facebook event page too.

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