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Rondo, Ray and Doc at Saturday’s practice

After another disappointing loss at home, the Celtics took to the practice floor on Saturday. Here are 3 clips from practice via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg. 

Rondo seems to be avoiding questions with a smirk at the beginning, but he then goes on to explain that he believes each individual needs to tighten-up in order to help the team.

Ray goes into the importance of honesty, and interestingly brings-up how on "bad teams", the blame game starts being played during struggles. He then points out that on the C's, the focus is on staying "brothers" and communicating. Lastly, Doc continues to stick with his "we've just got to play better" mantra.




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  • It pissed me off to see Rondo smiling soo much, he’s a guy that never smiles, why smile now? Glad to know that the mood is still light, aint nobody fighting, and going at each other, just move on….

  • Man….did you see the new TNT commercial focusing on the Celtics? The big 4 are all saying how important winning is and team is and winning the championship is. Quite ironic given their play of recent vintage. Must have been made before their game went into the toilet for them to be able to say such things with a straight face on.

  • Lmaoo yess I seen it, but I dont think they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture, just think they’re playing hal-assed, so I dont think the commercial is fluke…