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Doc puts it on the Big 4’s shoulders

Big 4 in suits copy Doc Rivers is laying it all out there.  He's flat out putting the C's recent struggles on the players… saying this whole mess that's drilling ulcers into our guts is mental.  And he's putting it on the guys who have been here the longest

“I’m not blaming anybody. I always blame me myself. I don’t ever blame,” Rivers said. “It is their responsibility, always. It always starts with their best players and everybody else follows. That’s how we constructed this team. On purpose. It was the big three and now Rondo’s been added to this group and they all have that responsibility.” 

The only other guy in that locker room that commands anywhere near the respect these guys get is Shaq… when he's playing. 

The rest of the guys in there are either too new, or too much of a role player to have the same pull these guys have.  So when they pull what they've been pulling, the rest of the team is pulled down with them. 

Doc has laid it out.  The Big 4 will lead this team out of its malaise… or deeper into the abyss.  It's all up to them.

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  • Man, I love these guys. I want to see them succeed and keep the Celtics ahead of the Lakers in titles. I believe they can do it… together.

  • I totally agree, please no more dissapointments from here on out, we cant afford, nor take it anymore…

  • One more game like the last few and I’m going to lose it. A little dip I can take. But the lack of effort and will to win is totally unacceptable. There is very, very little time to get this thing moving in the right direction.

  • Is it just me or does Doc contradict himself – I don’t blame anyone – it’s their responsibility…..’ kinda like it’s no one’s fault but it’s them who’ve gotta pull finger….
    Having said that – he’s dead right! Is this the last flat patch before the playoffs? As fans we hate it when they put in poor effort – but 82 games – they’re guaranteed a high playoff spot and know they can beat anyone on the road….
    Not saying I agree with it but perhaps some cruise control has crept in…

  • Blame and responsibility are different things. I love Doc because he’ll tell it like it is. He never publicly trashes his team. I hope they realize that Doc is doing it for a reason

  • I just dont wanna end up with the 3rd seed, and Miami is only 1 loss behind us… I’m hoping Houston beat them tomorrow, and we beat Minny, to create some space between us, we really at least need the #2 seed..

  • This too will pass. We have four studs going into the playoffs. Nuff said.

  • Of course he is – doesn’t throw anyone under the bus to motivate them like Zen Meister

  • I’d actually rather we face Miami than Orlando in Rd 2. Howard’s playing his ass off at the moment and unless Shaq can get back to somewhere near full fitness, he’ll eat our front line alive and our D isn’t as good as it was chasing down 3 pt shooters…
    Would be handy to have home court vs the superfriends though….

  • We will be playing them in the 2nd round regaurdless, only difference between 2 and 3 seed, the 2 seed will have home-court, And though it probably wont go to 7 games, you still want to be comfortable…