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Recap: The Celtics are dead

Chuck - Red's Army March 25, 2011 Uncategorized 45 Comments on Recap: The Celtics are dead


I feel sorry for anyone who has tickets to the remaining regular season games. The Celtics have flat out quit. That's the only explanation for the pitiful performance we witnessed tonight.

How the hell do you blow a 13-point lead to Charlotte? The mighty Bobcats rattled off a 16-0 run in the 4th quarter and beat the Cs 83-81.

This late season malaise borders on unprofessionalism. My memory may be foggy, but did the great Celtics teams of the 80s pull this shit? No. They steamrolled teams for 36 minutes so they could relax for the final 12. This Celtics team fucks around for 40+ minutes and then scrambles for a win.

Excuse my language, but I am pissed. Why the hell should I exert one ounce of energy to watch this team when they are going to perform in this manner?

And nevermind the #1 seed, the Celtics are going to be the #3 seed.

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  • I’m with you…we should be KILLING these teams! I learned, even as a kid, that a psychological effect can kill opposing teams…why aren’t we thinking about that? We shouldn’t be coasting NOW…I looked at the schedule a couple of weeks ago, and saw us steamrolling through most of these games…this rediculous!

  • I have to say that I do see a lack of effort, but am I the only one who sees a group of guys that just have not been on the same page lately? Errant passes, missed assignments on defense..Tommy has the best seat in the house every night and stressed tonight that the Celts’ “timing is off.” Too many changes/injuries/guys in and out of the lineup has taken it’s toll in my opinion as well.

  • It was a pain to watch… you got it right, they quit. They just quit and I can’t believe it. I hope this wakes them up.

  • oh man…this is frustrating…well at least we did not lose by 20 like LA did a couple of games back but i guess the celts should have been better than this…too bad

  • 100% agreed.
    What pisses me most is the lack of respect to fans, especially the ones paying big money to get to the Garden to receive this garbage in return.
    I’m sick and tired of this comedy about chemistry, o’neals, playing hard and all the other bs:
    this is about RESPECT.

  • They tried so hard the first 60 games just to piss it away in the last 20. Ridiculous.

  • Wow. We’ve hit rock bottom I’d say. I’m actually a proponent of the Perk/Green trade but is anyone else getting the sense that the team’s quit on Doc and Danny for breaking up the family? I wouldn’t have even considered that two weeks ago but, especially with that “soft” comment back-and-forth between KG and Doc, I think it’s possible. In the Big 3 era the players have had nothing but respect for Doc and only good things to say, and yet KG’s response to the “soft” accusation seemed a bit insubordinate and disrespectful. Add to that Rondo mentioning the Perk trade as one of the reasons for his recent poor play and a bigger picture is starting to emerge. Even I might be losing faith at this point in this broken home of a team.

  • Trivia question…..which core Celtic team only won 1 championship?
    Too soon?
    This is last year all over again without the defense. Didnt work out well last year and I seriously doubt it does this year.

  • I have the same feeling, and not since today.
    But even if something broke (and it’s pretty clear), nothing justifies a shameful performance like tonight.

  • I can’t even consider that display as quitting. That would actually require an effort to begin with.
    Does Rondo not push the ball at all anymore? His mind doesn’t seem anywhere close to in these games.
    His constant half ass trots up the court are 75% of the reason the offense sucks. I love the passes into traffic by everyone too.
    Why are the “big” three constantly disappearing?!
    Ray 14 points at the half. Ray 14 points for the game.
    KG: six for eight. When will the ” stars” initiate and demand the ball? Take over goddamnit!
    Props to Doc for ripping them in the post game. I would completely understand if he walked after this season. They definitely are playing selfishly and hanging their heads, especially Nenad. His body language after a missed shot is irritating. No one feels bad for you , Krstic. Do your damn job and play. Stop pouting.

  • This is tired veteran team, with disturbed chemistry. It will all come along. We (fans) should support this team through good and bad. I’m sure this is not easy for them. I’m resentful for all this comments you all are making. It’s just wrong. This is just negative energy you’re all spreading.
    We ought to support this team.
    We owe them at least that much.

  • Ainge is to blame too Should have got roster together in September instead of blowing it up in Feb then in essence starting second training camp leading into the playoffs.
    Celtics would be lucky to get #3 seed thinking same as last year #4 seed but don’t see winning the East Conference with this play. If they lose to MN then that will just confirm it for me that this year is lost for Banner #18.
    What’s the saying “playing to lose”

  • Good job, Danny.
    We could have gotten past losing Daniels as a back-up 3.
    Perk and the rest of the chemistry? Nope.
    Thanks for throwing away 18 when it was in our grasp.


  • Too many variables come into play to say with any certainty what is causing this late season implosion.
    All I know for certain is that it SUCKS!
    I don’t live in Boston, if I did I would think about starting a ticket holder protest. This borders on bait and switch. What does it cost for a family of 4 to attend one of these games nowadays?

  • Take a deep breath … it will be ok in Ainge I trust. This is a old team that ain’t trying to prove nothing to nobody. We all know the east will not present a problem for this team. There is time there is time

  • I think you’re reading too much into the KG soft thing. I thought it was a good bit of coaching and it worked! Thre is real trouble though and blowing a lead in the 4th to a crap team is a BAD sign. As for KG shooting 6-8 – you’re right – he needs to demand the ball but it’s not really the way the c’s play – they pass it round and shoot when someone’s open. It’s not often they go to KG in the post exclusively to exploit anything.
    VERY frustrating loss and there better be some kind of players only shitstorm meeting to sort this crap out.

  • I understand this team may be tired, but as veterans, they should let the coach know, they shouldnt come out and play half assed, and we fans have to put up with it. How do you want fans to support a team that just dont seem to give a shit about us right now? We already trying to figure this all out, trying to get over Perk, and they give us more issues to worry about like loosin to Charlotte and the Clippers at home? Damn right we fans deserve to be mad. Itll be different if they actually came out and played, and get beat, but these assholes come out half assed, walking up and down the court, and you expect us to put up with it? Well I wont. Im still a strong believer that they will get it together, and Im going to keep on supporting, but losses like this, kills your hopes, and I know Im only in this moment, and I probably will regret what Im about to say tomorrow, but this is the worst I’ve seen the Celtics since the BIG 3 has been here. Thats my honest opinion right now. And Im going to support my team through thick and thin, but that dont mean I cant get pissed off, and express how we as fans are all feeling, and if you think the energy is negative here, you should try to walk into the TD Garden right now, cant be no more negative energy than that, and honestly this could be a good thing. Practice tomorrow, Doc has already announced Media needs to be there before practice cause these guys will go long and hard, and I hope figuratively their hearts fall right on the floor. And we’re resentful for that bullshit they came on the court with tonight, and completely embarrased the Celtic Franchise, and do you really wanna get on the owing part? Because these guys actually owe us banner 18, and we’ve already had to wait 9 extra months, and if they keep playing like this, we will be up to 22 years before you know it. Thats why we as fans are angry, and thats why they need to come out with a sense of urgency, and get this thing rolling for the last 10-11 games of the regular season.
    Signed: A true, yet angry Celtic fan thats had enough of this craptastic effort, and holding out hope that they will actually turn it on when it matters

  • Im really trying, I really am, and the thing is, Im mad about the loss, but Im not worried about the loss, these guys just look out of whack right now to me, thats what worries me the most, can they get their attitudes together in time, I really will hate a early exit after that heartbreaking end to our season last year…

  • Perk was out for over three weeks after the trade. This has NOTHING to do with Perk or with Kristic. This has everything to do with not giving a shit; period. That and falling in love with goddamn jumpshots.

  • I heard that… This feeling sucks

  • The problem is simple… I keep preaching it… but f*ck it… I pulled some stats and did some research…
    In the last 20 games, in games where Rondo had more FGAs than Assists, the C’s are 4-7. Even more interesting is that in the 8 loses of those 20 games, 7 are ones where Rondo, again, had more FGAs than Assists.
    Lets not make this struggle the C’s have been having, complicated. Rondo is not to blame either. The method to win is to blame, and Doc needs to admit the biggest mistake he made the entire season was trying to turn Rondo into a shooting PG.

  • We’re doing bad right now, but I don’t think the Celtics are done.

  • Oh naw, they’re definitely not done, play-offs is a different ball-park, but itll feel better if we can play that meaningful GAME 7 in the GARDEN, and not in the Staples, American Airlines Arena, or the United airlines arena… Thats really where alot of my frustrtion comes from, and if you’re going to loose these games, rest the starters please….

  • Sad it took this blog 25 days to figure out what I saw immediately. This team is on autopilot. It won’t put forth a consistent effort until the playoffs, but even then I can see them not taking NY or Indiana serious enough and being pushed to 7 games.
    Also, we can 100% remove Rondo from the elite PG discussion now that Deadspin is mocking his passingof layups.

  • As soon as Shaq or Jermaine are back bench Nenad. He misses simply layups and carries on like he’s been hacked or it’s his teammates fault. Also our offense lately has been pretty damn unorganised. We are having a lot of possessions where we have to shoot with a few seconds on the shot clock. Our defense was pretty good our offense and rebounding is shit right now.

  • This is like a cross between last year and 87, when we waited all year for Walton to get back, only to find out the guy was crippled and done. There’s only a 11 games left and our big hope is that 2 broken down old man can mesh with a group of tired vets who are still pissed at the mgmt. Is there anyone who watched tonite and didnt think, hell, we could have had Kwane Brown? Or Leon Powe the other night? That’s how much I believe in Shaq’s boot or JO’s knees, that I would be happy to have Kwane effing Brown on this roster.

  • lets just agree the all star break is meant to lay low and recharge vs. partying, balling, and red eye flights

  • I cannot imagine what Ainge could have done in SEPT. Even if MLE wasn’t waisted on JO who could Boston had gotten?
    Your right about how the trade has created a second pre season though. A lack of time to prepare via practice has to be daunting.
    Boston will be alright. The Big Four plus Baby and D West will get up this next week to show us who’s back…then inexplicably drop a few the week following. Boston would do well to hang onto that #2 seed though.

  • +1000 Rest starters for one benefit or win games for HCA.

  • If we had Kwame Brown you’d eat those words. Count our blessings we don’t have Tiny Hands. C’s best success this season was with Shaq in the line up. I’m not saying that’s due exclusively to Shaq but I doubt the team could succeed with Brown there instead.
    As for waivers Powe to Boston instead of Murphy would have helped due to him knowing our system and helping Rondo and CO’s shitty post trade demeanor (if that’s even one of the things that going on).

  • I feel bad for Baby. He looked soooo frustrated after fouling out. He struggles now and again but the guy plays hard.
    Oh well. Health willing, Boston will turn some heads starting after 11 or so games.

  • Agreed Krstic should be schooling other teams back ups. That or just get back some of that fire from his first twelve games.

  • I do understand what are you saying, and also how you feel, I’m almost there, but trying to control myself, because I do not think this is acceptable for them, too. I believe they still care, but it will need patience and I hope just a little time, because they don’t have much of that, to get it together, and I’m afraid this negativity might not do what we want, and also I’m afraid of that practice.

  • a little reality check.
    at the beginning of the season the Cs were at 10-1 to win the championship and 5-1 to win the east. For most of the season I thought that would be a terrific bet to make. Right now, I would say those are still about accurate odds.
    We either of the O’Niels back to anywhere near effective playing status and we will be fine. That is the only thing physically missing from this team. The rest is all mental. It all has to start with Rondo. Either penetrate or pass the ball. Get the ball in the front court with at least 21 seconds left on the clock like we did in the first half of the season. Rebounders, make a stinkin outlet pass so this can be done.. Move the ball, take or fake the shot, penetrate, pass for better shot or a dunk. Everyone has to play defense, rebound and run.

  • Gorman on air last night “I have no words”. Heinsohn also descending into silence. And these two broadcast through the Pitino years.
    Went to my first game in 59. First time I have ever posted.
    So much talent, so much experience, so little heart last night.
    Like Hackman said in “The Replacements”.
    “Ya gotta have heart, miles and miles of heart.”

  • Another Bad thing I noticed last night, when Glen fouled out, instead of putting Green back in, we put Krstic back in….

  • Well Im being as patient as I can be… I feel better today though..

  • It’s always better to sleep it over. Doc should’ve done that too before talking to media last night.

  • Naw Doc wasnt wrong for anything he said to the media. everything he said was the truth, he didnt call nobody out, he just flat out said the truth. Doc has been very patient.. And he got to get to these guys some way, cause like he said, whatever he’s been doing just aint working

  • wha?! ray allen missed a wide open look to win a game and he missed it?! what else is new. dude is about as clutch as a flat tire. me-first player who danny should have traded last year.

  • It really is disappointing to see the Celtics losing these games that all should have been blowouts. But, reading these comments are just as disappointing if not, more. What kind of fan gives up on their team when they hit a rough spot? The C’s are NOT perfect and if it takes these games for everyone to realize this, then that’s pretty sad. Do NOT give up on them yet. If they are going to get back on track, it would be easier with ALL of their fans still supporting them. Please do not give up yet. I’m going to get a lot of crap for saying all of this but it is true. The season is definitely not over yet. There’s still time for them to get focused again. And we all know they bring everything to the court in the playoffs. Yes. We are disappointed and that’s okay. But what’s not okay is giving up on them when they hit rough spots. So move on and get over it. They still have a chance. =]

  • What are ya’ll getting out of fans giving up? Not one fan here, or at least me has given up. But if they’re going to go the rest of the season playing like last night, then I rather wait till the play-offs to see that. I will still support them, and Im pretty sure the rest of these fans will too, of course we was living in the moment last night, but losses like last night are very depressing, no matter how you look at it, they’ll be fine, but it gets hard sometimes for us as fans too.

  • I’m not talking about just this article. But there are many articles that I have read and people are talking about losing faith and how they are now rooting for other teams. I know it gets hard for the fans too and I know these losses have been very upsetting, I was just trying to make a point that no matter what, we should still support them. It came out harsher then I meant it to now that I read over it…but calm down. I honestly didn’t mean to be mean, sorry.

  • Just wanna let you know, those fans rooting for “other teams” werent real fans any way, shouldnt have to convince a TRUE fan, to be a fan, just saying, but I appologize too, I just thought you guys were mistaken frustration with giving up!