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Your Morning Dump… Where the execution was awful

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“[Boston's execution] was awful," said Rivers. "I probably should have called a timeout [before Rondo's floater]. I honestly thought Rondo was going to hand it off to Paul in transition, and once I saw that I thought, ‘I’ll take that all day.’ But he didn’t and then went for the shot. And so it’s easy to second guess it now, you should have called a timeout. But I thought we had numbers and I thought we were going to get it to our best offensive player in transition and I’d take those odds all day.

"I always second-guess when things don’t work. And, no, Baby was not supposed to shoot the three."

For his part, Rondo shrugged and simply admitted he misfired on the floater. And he said he didn't see Pierce in transition, or most certainly would have gotten the ball to him.

Rivers went on to call for more touches for Pierce, suggesting Boston needs to do a better job of getting the ball in its best offensive player's hands more often.

"I just think your best offensive player should always touch it on the last possession," said Rivers. "And then if it comes back to a guy for a shot, I think that’s fine… We’ve got to get back to understanding, you know, Paul is pretty good. And he’s got to get more touches in games. And I think we go back and forth on movement and we want that, but we’ve also got to get Paul involved. That’s on me, I’ve got to get Paul involved more.”

ESPN Boston

The Celtics offense is pathetic. Look at the numbers:

They've scored more than 100 points once and reached the 90 point mark in two other games. That equates to a 4-5 record over the last 9 games. Wasn't the Perkins trade supposed to help the offense?

As far as home court goes, the Celtics are a game behind Chicago, a half-game behind the Lakers and just 1.5 games ahead of the Heat.

Is it Rondo's fault? He is the point guard. Or are the guys just going through the motions?

I'm frustrated…

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On Page 2, revenge for Tony Allen and Leon Powe.

“This one felt a little different,” said Allen, who turned down an offer from the Celtics last summer and instead joined Memphis. “I wanted to win this one more than anything, but for the most part it was a team win.”

Powe, spurned three weeks ago when the Celtics opted instead to sign Troy Murphy, felt the same.

“It’s fun here, especially when you get a win,” he said. “That’s a great team over there, and to come on the road and beat them is special. And we did it on the defensive end. That just adds fuel to our confidence.”

Rivers couldn’t argue with that point by Powe, who finished with 13 points on 5-for-6 shooting. Tony Allen had eight points, seven rebounds and a steal, but he also launched three airballs.

“They clearly played through us,” Rivers said. “Leon Powe was the baddest man on the planet tonight.”

Herald – Grizzly loss for Celtics

Leon is still a baaad man… but I understand why the Celtics passed on his services. I'm curious to see if they will sign someone else. What's that you say? They signed Troy Murphy? I don't believe you.

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  • Rondo 10 free throws in the last 9 games. Elite PG’s aren’t scared of driving to the hoop.

  • I thought Tony Allens jumping around and hollering after the win was classless and disrespectful. The Boston fans, for all his faults, were always good to him. I think he should have taken the win in stride, waved to the crowd and moved on. Enjoy life in Knoxville, or Nashville, or wherever the hell you play.

  • Not only the offence – the D is worse too – this is a pivotal period in the era of the big 3. If they don’t get this shit sorted soon we’re not gonna be title contenders.

  • As for TA – he can do what he wants. He must be so happy starting and contributing as much as he is for a contender. Basically he’s never played better. Had 19-11-6 and 6 steals the other day…

  • A contender? C’mon now. And yes, of course he can do what he wants. We all can. Doesnt make it right or respectful.