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Wafer’s back… and Doc apologizes

Chris Forsberg has some practice notes from today: 

reserve guard Von Wafer, who has missed the last 10 games after straining his right calf in a win over Golden State on Feb. 4, engaged in his most heightened basketball activities since the injury. 

Wafer participated fully in the practice, including the scrimmage sessions, then returned to the court after for additional shooting. He was waiting to see how it responds to the activity. 

"We'll see how it feels in the morning," said Wafer. "We'll probably know better then." 

Wafer was playing well before his injury.  Or at least he was playing his best before the injury.  We'll see how he's used… if at all… after all the moves.  Also interesting today:

There was a lot of chatter about the final possessions in Wednesday's loss to the Grizzlies with Hill and Eastman detailing how Rivers apologized to his team before Thursday's session for not making better decisions, including calling a timeout when Boston had a chance to go ahead with under 30 seconds to play in a one-point game. 

That tells me Doc is showing the team how to take personal responsibility for something.  I think something like that will prompt some of the players… like KG… to remind everyone else on the team that even though Doc took responsibility for his part in last light's loss… the guys who were on the floor have to do the same and atone for their mistakes. 

One other note: Troy Murphy rolled his ankle today.  It just keeps getting better for him, huh?

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  • Did you hear about the Quote “we have to win in spite of, and not loose because of”? I think that mentality will take these guys a long way!

  • its pointless pontificating about “taking things personally” or “we have to come out stronger”…this team will continue the win one/lose one pattern until the playoffs. There is no urgency for them. They are confident that they can beat Miami and Chicago on the road.