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Rondo and Rodney wish Bosh a Happy Birthday

Hey, it's Chris Bosh's birthday… so we're wishing him a happy 27th by asking which embarrasing dunk by a little guard on him was better:  Rajon Rondo's… or Rodney Stuckey's last night.


I'm a homer… but Stuckey's was sick cuz Bosh actually got up for that one.  

After the jump, autographed Stuckey and Rondo posters for Bosh on his birthday.

Stuckey dunks on bosh autographed

Rondo dunks on bosh autographed

Happy Birthday Bosh… from your loving admirers at Red's Army.  Thanks to @MzDreamCakesTTU on Twitter for the idea

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  • I just caught Stuckey’s dunk on Bosh while I was home at lunch. I was thinking, “2nd most bad ass poster on Bosh this year”
    I must be a homer too…cause Rodney gets up to get down. or something funky like that

  • Haha… hilarious. If Bosh had any balls, he would have decked them both.

  • Troy Murphy rolled his ankle in practice. What a dissapointment this guy is turning out to be

  • Doc called him soft. What else can it be when he says ‘he’s not a big’ or we’re playing small with him out there. Bust