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Paul Pierce doing what he does best

As far as I'm concerned, is one of the best players ever at getting a shot off after drawing a foul.  His ability to fire accurate shots that have a chance to go in after absorbing contact is uncanny.  

What it shows is Pierce is a lot stronger than people give him credit for.  He's a wide guy. He's spent more than a decade of up-faking, absorbing contact and then firing up shots that have a chance to go in.  When you've got NBA players crashing down you… it's all you can do to stay on your feet… never mind gather yourself, square up… and fire a decent shot up at the rim. 

I'll stand by my assertion that Pierce's career is highly underrated.  This aspect of his game is unparrallelled.  When you think about him shooting 6-10 last night… remember two of those shots were these two right here.  Amazing.

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  • and one of his shots was a 3 over two people on a broken play at the buzzer…he was pretty much 6/9 for 22. pretty impressive. get him the damn ball…the big 3 should all be getting at least 13-14 shots a game like they did in 2008. especially with pierce and allen having career years and KG playing well and healthy…absolutely ridiculous.
    Also, WHY do they INSIST on having rondo take the last shot at the end of quarters? I would rather Paul Pierce take a fadeaway over 5 people.