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Oh great… Shaq’s back in the boot

Simpsons boot Via Forsberg

Boston Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal received a cortisone shot in his ailing right foot Tuesday and was placed back in an immobilizing boot, sources told ESPN Boston.

The objective with the boot is to eliminate the return of swelling after his Achilles injury flared up again recently while he was trying to work his way back to game action, according to the sources. The Celtics remain optimistic that O'Neal, who has been sidelined with the injury since Feb. 1, could return next week 

Well… I'm out of words to say about this.

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  • From “The Shining”, last scenes:
    “Dannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaannyyyyyyyyyy…………….”

  • I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Its a boot he can very well wear for the remainder of the season, but he is still expected back in a week, its one of those immobolizing boots that he can take off before games, and put back on afterwards, and it’ll keep the foot from swelling up, its not as bad as its made out to be… It may turn out to be just what he needs.

  • Is this his first cortisone shot? How often can cortisone shots be given safely?
    Can we count on Shaq playing if his foot gets these shots when he needs them?

  • could we actually see JO back on the court before Shaq?

  • Yes…Shaq can only give us ten weeks (if we’re lucky) so expect him to return as close to the post season as possible.