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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc already misses Perk

Doc and perk

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Kendrick Perkins and his new Oklahoma City teammates lost to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, and Celtics coach Doc Rivers watched the game with a lump in his throat.

The edge the Celtics have had a difficult time replicating was on full display in every action by their former center.

“It’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer,” Rivers said of whether his team can bring back the Perkins element to their game without the big guy, himself. “I really don’t. We don’t have Shaq (O’Neal) yet. We get that when he’s on the floor. But we don’t have him or (Jermaine O’Neal). Perk is a menacing-looking dude. Last night he was tossing bodies left to right. It was awesome. That’s just who Perk is.”

Herald: New-look Celtics get urgent message

First, I'm not sure that's written very fairly to Doc Rivers because, to me, it makes it sound like Doc walked out of his office wiping a tear from his cheek as he opened up to reporters about missing Perk's toughness on this team.  

What probably actually happened was a reporter brought up the game, Doc nodded, and answered in typical Doc fashion while referencing what he saw the other night.  Which still means he misses what Perk brought to this team, but it paints the picture a smidge differently. 

Yes, the Celtics miss his toughness.  They don't have that guy that will "toss bodies around"… at least not until Shaq comes back (which supposedly could be any day now).  So the C's are going to have to figure something else out.  You can't sit there and bemoan the fact that someone is gone… you just have to adjust. 

So stop looking for one of these new guys to bring the "Perk element" back.  It's gone because he's gone.  We need to figure out how to use the "Krstic element" better and hopefully get the "O'Neal elements" back and ready for the playoffs.  Any other elements don't matter anymore because they're gone.  Don't fit square pegs into round holes.  Work with what you got… not with what you had or wish you had.

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On page 2: Doc's delicate balancing act

It's no easy task, and Rivers fully admits he's often conflicted about how to proceed.

"We don't have a great rhythm [right now], we're getting it back," Rivers said. "I screwed it up a little bit by forcing the [newcomers] onto the floor, because I'm trying to get them minutes. We're going to need some of them. But it doesn't just take [the newcomers] out of their rhythm, it takes the guys we've had out of their rhythms. And, on top of that, we're struggling."

ESPN Boston: Rivers weighs wins against rest

Picture a nice, flowing river.  The water just travels along, barely making a sound, flowing nice and calm.  

Now throw a bunch of big rocks in that river.  All of a sudden everything is disrupted… water is now splashing on the rocks… it's gotta find a new way around.  It just looks turbulent. 

That's what happened with the Celtics.  Everything is a little more turbulent than it was before.  The C's have to find a new way.  And while initially its going to be rough, the water always ends up smoothing out the rough edges of the rocks.  In time, things start to flow more naturally again.  The Celtics and their system will take over… in time. 

Whether there's enough time to get it right in time for a championship… we're going to have to wait and see.  But the C's system IS strong enough to get that done. 

Did Doc force things a little by thrusting new guys in there?  Maybe.  He may also be deflecting some of the negativity away from his team.  He's doing what a good coach does.  But these guys will figure it out.

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  • Lord, when will the maudlin BS end?
    Anyone ask Doc about Toronto abusing Perkins on the pick and roll? Any questions about his free throw shooting, which evoked horrific visions of his best friend that night, that cost OKC the game?
    The robotic, consistent conflation of Perkins as the Celtics defensive anchor is crap. The anchor is, has been and always will be Kevin Garnett. The people who conveniently persist in ignoring that fact, along with the fact that Perkins isn’t and won’t be healthy this year, to try and defend their Internet street cred annoy the shit out of me.

  • pfffff Shaq doesn’t even attempt to defend the pick and roll.

  • And Shaq has exactly what to do with the fact that Celtic Fan has exaggerated Perkins’ skillset so blindly out of proportion that he’s become the 21st Century Bill Russell?
    It continually amazes me how a beautiful team sport has been devolved by Stern and his merry band of marketeers into as individual a sport as golf. Stunning to me how many Celtic fans would rather be right about their beloved Kendrick Perkins than win a title.
    And a bunch of them seem to have blogs now.
    For crissakes, Doc, I hope to hell you were taken out of context in that article. If you weren’t, then it’s time for you to retire.