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Still the best Tony Allen photo ever

Tony allen upfaked

In honor of Gucci's return, I felt like reposting my favorite Tony Allen photo ever. 

Why is this my favorite?  Because it captures so many things. 

1: Tony Allen is in at the end of the game to defend a clutch guard.  So it captures the confidence in him as a lockdown defender.

2: Tony Allen bit on an upfake, sending Billups to the line to win the game.  So it captures how unbelievably frustrating it was to have him on the team. 

3: Paul Pierce's reaction is priceless.  It's an "oh crap" moment frozen in time forever.  So it captures… well.. it captures all of our reactions at the time.  

Tony Allen is a wild ride… the epitome of a human roller coaster:  Amazing highs, crazy lows, and in the end you are equally likely to think that was awesome or want to puke. Considering what some Memphis fans are saying about TA right now, they haven't hit the second part yet.  They will. 

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  • That is a great photo, no doubt! And with a wee bit of photoshop…remove Chauncy and the background crowd…replace with the set of Dancing With The Stars…HA! Pierce’s expression is priceless!