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Shaq’s probably out tonight

Via Sherrod

A team official told that O'Neal did not participate in the team's closed walkthrough this morning. While it's still possible for him to suit up against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, it seems unlikely.

For O'Neal, this will be the 22nd straight game that he'll be out with some type of right leg injury. 

Based on the opponent, tonight would have been an ideal time for the 39-year-old center to return to action.

Memphis comes into tonight's game as the NBA's leader in points in the paint (50.9) per game.

Ahhh nuts.  

Any day now.  Unless he missed shootaround because he was becoming a sheriff again and he'll surprise us tonight.

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  • Damn! Wish we had more info on Shaq’s leg. Does this mean he is still feeling pain in his calf muscle? If he is still feeling pain after having this much time off, sheesh, I really gotta wonder if he has any chance at getting in playing shape at all this year.
    I am getting so tired of having the Celts comprised of old guys. After this run, really hoping Danny feels the same.

  • I honestly believe that we will have more use of JO than Shaq, but wait and see. I think he is a bit lazy, and , not sure how to name that, English is not my language, but I believe he thinks he already gave enough for the money he got, so he’s relaxed until the playoffs, until he has a new personal reason to play, and that is a ring. I never liked him to much, don’t get me wrong, he was fantastic player, but he also was selfish, I just don’t believe that changes over night, I think he’s just quiet about it. And off topic, I think he dislikes Rondo, but he is not going express it because of the big3.
    I hope I’m wrong. Just a feeling.

  • I don’t think it’s a matter of feeling pain… they’re just being especially cautious right now. I’m a little frustrated too… but I think the team is doing what it thinks is best rather than this being a case of Shaq still being hurt