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Recap: C’s their own worst enemy, lose to Grizzlies

The Celtics had their chances in this one.  But they just made way too many mistakes.

The Celtics turned it over 18 times.  They got crushed in the paint.  They got crushed on the boards and in second chance points.  And in the last minute of the game when they were trailing by 1, Rajon Rondo launched an ill-advised floater rather than getting the ball to a scorer.  Then trailing by 3, Glen Davis shot a 3 with 7 seconds still showing on the clock.  

I'm sorry, that's just terrible decision making.  Especially by Baby.

The C's got everything Chuck talked about in the preview.  Paul Pierce got the ball (sorta… more on that shortly) scoring 22 points to lead the C's.  18 of those points came in the second half.  They stopped Zach Randolph (13 points and 8 rebounds).  Rondo was effective (sorta… more on that too in a minute) dropping 6 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.  But the rebounding and turnovers were too much.  The turnovers & second chance points gave Memphis 14 more field goal attempts. 

Here's more on the sortas:  Pierce had 10 field goal attempts.  He needed more than that.  KG was 3-9.  Ray Allen was 4-10.  Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo was 2 of 12 and Glen Davis was 5-11.  There's no way those guys should get more shots than the Big 3.  

I don't want to get too down on Rondo because he did play a great game in almost every aspect aside from his shooting.  He had 7 steals.  He did have 4 turnovers though.

The first quarter saw the C's miss a ton of makeable shots.  There were a bunch of shots at the rim that they just couldn't finish.  They only gave up 20 points, but scored 15 on 33% shooting.  They were also out-rebounded 14-9 in the quarter while turning it over 6 times.  Not pretty but they managed to escape a crappy quarter only down 5. 

The first half belonged to Rajon Rondo.  He went into halftime with 6 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.  Rondo got 4 of his assists in the second quarter as the C's doubled their first quarter output.  Ray Allen scored all 9 of his first half points in the 2nd quarter.  The C's found the range in the second… upping their shooting percentage to 45.2%.  They also out-rebounded the Grizzlies 9-6 in the quarter… which went a long way towards fueling the comeback.  The C's went into halftime with a 45-44 lead. 

There was a lot of pushing and shoving between KG and Zach Randolph.  On one play, Z-Bo damn near tried to rip KG's arm off and there was no foul call.  

While we were all busy talking about Tony Allen's return, we forgot about Leon Powe, who was 3-3 in the first half for 9 points.  He finished with 13.  TA had 8 points, 7 rebounds a steal and a block but he was tyipcally Tony offensively.  He chucked up a few airballs in the second half. 

Some positives:  KG moved into 20th all time on the all time scoring list tonight.  Jeff Green had a good shooting night.  Delonte's jumper also looked good.  

Box Score

Doc: "Paul is pretty good. And he's got to get more touches in games. I've got to get Paul more involved."

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  • Can we trade back Krstic to OKC to get Perk back??

  • That sucked, again. Watching TA do fist pumps is not my idea of fun. It’s not like these are good teams either. Leon killed us tonite and Troy Murphy is killing me. What the hell does he bring? Defensivly the guy is a joke. Leon is at least gonna get to the foul line and hit them. Troy looks like Luke on a bad day. This is starting to remind me of last year again.

  • I think the C’s had 20 turnovers. Not pretty

  • Rondo’s floater and Baby’s three were horrendous. Rondo has been extremely consistent in poor decision-making down the stretch in 2011.

  • Finally an article that highlights why you DON’T want Rondo concentrating on baskets when you NEED to make a shot. Fantastic game for Rondo, and could’ve been even better if he had 10 less attempts.

  • 20 turnovers. 1 short of season-high. 52 points in the paint. FIFTY-TWO. Now if ever there was a game to argue the Krstic/Perk trade, here it is. Shaq, J.O. PLEASE..hurry the f*** up.

  • I still have faith in this year – especially when the rotation is shortened. Troy might keep his streak alive of not ever playing in the NBA Playoffs.

  • Say goodbye to homecourt in the East or against the West if we make it. We can’t afford to lose these games, period.

  • I’ve never really kept up with Murphy over his career, but I am surprised by how much of a scrub he is. I remember Donnie saying he was a walking double double the night of the trade (before we got him). I am still waiting to see that.

  • I don’t think Kristic is the guy to blame for this slump; even though he did play like crap tonight. The game was lost in the fourth quarter by those who have always been closing out games for us. The news guys were not on the court for those last pathetic minutes. I would argue that it’s the starters who are playing like a-holes; not the new guys.

  • I wish someone could tell Rondo to stop it with the freakin’ jumpshots! What the hell is wrong with him? Oh and one more thing, what’s up with him holding on to the rock for 20 seconds and then trying to make something out of nothing? He should get back to moving the ball around. The starters have been playing like a bunch of jerk offs lately. I do not blame any of this on the new guys.

  • pierce needs to play more point forward, he got into a little bit of a rhythm tonight, and then 3 or 4 times down the court it seemed like rondo dribbled the air out of the ball until 6 seconds were left on the clock and we wasted those possessions.
    is are offense actually running more efficiently with west at the helm than rondo?

  • Again, pointless watching this team right now. Those of you who were breathlessly singing the praises of the Murphy deal should have done your research; he was a bum for the freakin Nets. He was healthy and was told in December to go home with pay. Pfffff yeah….he’ll help you. Wiff by Ainge. Wiff on the O’Neals. I fully expect a Greg Oden signing next year.

  • Well said Farmer.
    I’ve been trying to calm the C’s fans, telling Rondo “SHOOOT” for months. It’s idiotic. Complaining about Rondo’s lack of shooting ability as if that’s the reason we love him in the first place. It has screwed him up for the last couple of months simply because he’s arrogant and listens to the criticism. They drove Rondo to play how he does now and now want to blame it all on him for it not working out.
    The beginning of the season (and all critics seem to have forgotten) it did not matter who was on the floor, who was injured or not, the C’s were getting stuff done with all odds against them.
    They made Rondo change what he concentrates on, knowing his OCD is what made him obsessive in being the best quarterback in the first place. Ugh. I hope Rondo can mentally go back to November, in time for the playoffs. If we don’t get 18 (besides unforeseeable things like injuries, it will only be because a player’s change in roll. Not the trade, nor a player have a bad game. UBUNTU. Please understand it. It will allow you to understand every Celtic game in a very simple manner.
    The C’s are the simple… when it comes to why they win and why they don’t.

  • I agree. Pierce has been taking the 1st 3 quarters off seems. And I'm not blaming Krstic persay-more so just the lack of having Shaq & J.O is just killing us. No one's "fault" I guess.

  • Breathlessly singing the praises of the Murphy free-agent signing? I don’t quite remember that. He was never going to be more than a 13th man when the C’s are at full strength.