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Newsflash: Rondo is attacking the basket less

Rr On Sunday morning, I asked for someone to research Rajon Rondo's shot selection (in the paint vs perimeter). Well… someone stepped up (Thanks John!).

A quick look at reveals the answer:

Rondo was taking 5.4 shots at the rim last year: This year, that number is down to 4.1.

From 16-23 feet, Rondo averaged 2.3 shots per game last year. This year, that number is up to 3.2.

He's even shying away from close-to-midrange. Rondo is taking 0.6 fewer shots from 3-9 feet, and 0.4 fewer shots from 10-15 feet. When was the last time you saw him take a floater?

So the numbers prove what we've all suspected – Rondo is not attacking the basket with the same veracity as last season.

The good news is… we caught a glimpse of the old Rondo last night.

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  • G4L

    You could make the case that this is a product of a low down presence like Shaq. Even though my eyes dont say that recently .

  • he is saving it for the playoffs!!!

  • RedsArmy– You are being pretty hypocritical on the Rondo argument. I remember all that you used to argue is that Rondo should be taking more midrange jumpers because that is the only way he can work on them, by shooting them in games. You were chastising him for turning them down when he was. Now, he is taking more of them, and not going to the hoop as much, and you chastise him for that as well. Yes, he’s not playing as well as he was, but your argument doesn’t make any sense. If he shoots more midrange jumpers, the number of shots in the paint he takes are going to go down…he’s not this teams primary scorer.

  • Good post, making a very critical point about Rondo’s lack of offensive effectiveness. I’m guessing, but I’d suspect that number’s down about .3 of a point since the trade, when Rondo’s play went totally into the crapper.
    Props to you for having the temerity to criticize the Celtics’ golden boy of the Internet. Rondo has to upgrade his level of play for this team to have a shot in the playoffs.

  • “He’s not this team’s primary scorer.”
    I must say I couldn’t agree more. Rondo needs to be left to do what Rondo does, and I don’t wish for anything different. We have enough scorers on the team, and Rondo is the glue. His recent drop in assists can clearly be attributed to Doc and everyone in the stands saying “SHOOOOT.” What no one gives him the benefit of is being passed the ball. Rondo shooting only means that now he’s bringing it up the floor, not passing, getting open, and shooting. Sounds like Lebron James to me… except without the size and scoring ability. Why would we want that from Rondo?
    With players coming off of injuries and the new scorers added to our roster, his FG attempts will go down, and his assist totals will skyrocket. There’s no reason for it to go any other way. So what if defenders play off of him? Rondo is good enough to use that to his advantage.
    I’m so over the Rondo chatter as much as I was over the Lebron/Heat chatter and the Melo/Trade chatter. I promise you that the C’s would have surpassed the Spurs for the #1 if no one had ever gotten into Rondo’s head to shoot more. Check Rondo’s assists during loses. There’s a clear pattern. His mentality at the beginning of the season was perfect and for some reason, people decided to change that.

  • BTW.. I’ve never seen any glimpse of Rondo’s shooting abilities being key in the playoffs.. correct me if I’m wrong.