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KG leads by example

RedsArmyAdmin March 22, 2011 Uncategorized 2 Comments on KG leads by example

Hey sad Carmelo, do you know your actions can color how your teammates view you?

KG does.  So does Amar'e Stoudemire, for that matter.  When guys on the bench see superstars diving for loose balls like that in a tight game, it conjures up a feeling….

,,,,, oh…. 

… what's it called….

Oh yeah…. respect.  And despite what a lot of people would like to believe nowadays… respect is something that is earned.  It's not bestowed upon you just for living.  You have to earn it.  And that's what these guys are doing by giving themselves up.  

KG holds himself to a nearly impossible standard… and he expects about as much from his teammates.  And when new guys are trying to fit into the system, watching a guy like KG deflect the pass then make a diving play to force a jump ball will earn infinitely more respect than demanding it because you're really good at scoring.  

Just a message to the sulkers out there.  To the guys who feel entitled to things.  No one's entitled to jack around here.  You gotta go earn it.

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  • …and this is why he’s my favourite player of all time – not without his faults for sure but no one demands more of himself….

  • Signing KG is signing a player that will bring it 110% every single game… period. Until the day he retires.