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Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce is a bastard

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from New York.

Public Service Announcement: Paul Pierce, like LeBron James, delights in playing the villain. Those "Paul Pierce sucks" chants would be cool if they didn't nourish the bastard. I don't feel qualified to make Harry Potter metaphors, but…dementor?

Posting and Toasting

The Harry Potter metaphor may have sailed right over my head, but I do know one thing, Paul Pierce is a cold, blooded baller.

For a brief moment last night, I felt like a pre-2004 Yankees fan. As the fanatics at MSG helplessly watched their team fall apart in the 4th quarter, they used the only weapon they had left – their mouths: "Boston sucks, Boston sucks!"

There's no logic to verbally disparaging a team that has thoroughly throttled you over the past four years while appearing in two NBA finals. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I pity Knicks fans…

While scouring the web for content for this post, I stumbled across this Peter Vecsey story on Tommy Heinsohn.

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  • Vecsey’s article captures the true meaning of Boston/NY fandom: the loser always attacks the winner in any way possible, whether or not it be relevant to the actual game and/or outcome.

  • I’m loving the Harry Potter metaphor… A dementor is attracted by strong, positive emotions and feeds itself by sucking all that happiness away, leaving its victims insane. Sometimes it goes a little further and just eats the victim’s soul.

  • Decent piece by Vescey. Tommy is priceless, he’s like everyone’s favorite uncle, except he’s a legend on the court and off.
    Mike Rice and Austin Carr are the 2 worst without a doubt. Carr is completely delusional, and Rice just has no business whatsoever being around an NBA team. The guy has shit for credentials and knows NOTHING about the game. Carr, at least played the game at a fairly high level.

  • Vescey is an idiot. He so badly just wants to trash Heinshon, but because of his impact on the league and the game, he cannot. All the hatred of “homers” is ridiculous. Local annoucers are SUPPOSED to be invested in the team that pays their salary. Anybody who wants to listen to bland, uninvolved, unbiased talking head stat citing boredom isn’t a sports fan. The only people who prefer unemotional announcers are degenerate sports betting addicts who can’t handle the pressure.

  • Dementers are soul sucking creatures. Their presence is known because they suck all the happiness out of the air (happiness is their source of energy). When they are around, they create chill and cause people to relive their most unhappy moments.

  • “Paul Pierce is a cold, blooded baller”