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Your Morning Dump… Where Delonte should keep being himself

Delonte west

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Well, he may,” Rivers said of the prospect that West, after suffering a broken wrist and severely sprained ankle this season, could do more harm to himself.

“I don’t want him to change. It’s just how he plays. I don’t think you could get him to change if you wanted him to change. He’s just extremely competitive, and he’ll put himself in harm’s way, and he’s going to do it even if he’s injured. That’s why everyone loves him.”

Herald: Celtics benefit by good night's West

We love Delonte because in just a few games back, we're seeing exactly why the C's need him so much.  When everything was a bit of a mess… Delonte came in and calmed things down, got control of the situation, and kinda got things back on track. 

He's the Celtics' human defibrillator.  When things fall out of whack, you yell "CLEAR"… hit them with 500 volts of Delonte… and then everything returns to normal. 

And why can Delonte, a guy who has missed almost the whole season, still do that effectively?  This:

“When he came back from the wrist injury it didn’t seem like he missed a lot of time,” Paul Pierce said. “He’s kept himself in tremendous shape, being around the team constantly, understanding what’s going on. Usually when a guy misses time you’ll see him get winded and kind of not know the plays, but Delonte never has a letdown. Every time he comes back from an injury it seems like he’s been there already. He stays prepared. You should see him behind the scenes. He stays ready.”

I don't know what goes on behind the scenes.  I wonder if people will say this about Jermaine O'Neal… because everyone in the media I've talked to says they don't see him around.  That's not to say he's not.  LIke I said, I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes.  I'm just saying that Delonte was a bit more visible… and I would assume that someone trying to stay ready and get back into things right away would be someone visible. 

Regardless… Delonte has shown an intense desire to help his team win.  I hope he can stay healthy this time so he can keep doing it.  Considering how Rondo's been playing lately, we REALLY need Delonte to do what he does right now.

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On Page 2:  Krstic recruited Pavlovic

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

“He was telling me, ‘Please, man. Do whatever you can to come here,’ ’’ Pavlovic recalled.

“I called him more because he didn’t have a team,’’ Krstic said.

Joining the Celtics was tempting, but Pavlovic had options and he was still weighing them.

“He said there were a couple teams trying to get him,’’ Krstic said.

Pavlovic ended up signing with the Celtics for the rest of the season, giving them depth, but also giving Krstic a familiar face in a new locker room.

Globe: Krstic & Pavlovic a good matchup

It's not exactly "Wade recruits LeBron"… but it's actually a good thing for Nads. As the piece unfolds, you see that having Pavlovic around is helping him get more comfortable… and that's helping him get to know all these other guys a little bit better.  

And in this locker room, in this situation, if Pavlovic's #1 job is getting Krstic more acclimated… then it was a great signing.  

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That's it for the links.  One other note:  Happy Birthday Jester.  Everyone have a drink to celebrate.

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  • I gladly eat my words and ask for seconds on the Delonte signing. Aside from his availability this season, he is exactly what you want on this team.

  • I am also pleasantly surprised with Nenad Krstic’s play. I think his game has been ressurected thanks to the Celtics. Jeff Green has actually been more efficient in Boston than he ever was in the OKC.

  • I love Gloria James’ boyfrie… I mean Delonte West. It’s nice to see a behind the scene’s explanation of why West just brings it, seemingly on tap. He fills in where ever needed, adding to the already versatile end of the bench in Davis and Green.
    Krstic i’ll say is magnificent. As much as we can cringe at his lack of defensive dominance, he is equally as responsible for why C’s fans have been kind of quiet about Perk’s trade and having the words “Mmm I kinda like this guy better than Perk” scratching at their throats worrying if it’ll be treason if those words left the lips.
    The most exciting thing, even more than the changes, the players to be off of injuries, and the jelling that’s inevitable, is that there’s going to be a game in this season where Sasha is going to go bananas. Murphy is going to embarrass his defenders and will seem unstoppable for a night. Delonte will make 4 crucial 3s to lead us to the W another night. Krstic and Shaq are going to combine for 35-25, not on just 1 night, but 10 nights… those nights Rondo will average 16 assists. One night the bench will combine for 60pts while the starters combine for 32, for the W.
    These nights, CelticNation… you will believe in 18.

  • Don’t bother wondering about Jermaine O’Neal. Smart fans punted him back in October.

  • Haha I wrote him off as another Marbury. I actually had some faith in J.O. when that article and interview came out in the preseason, how he’s been one of the highest paid NBA players in the last 7yrs or so. In the interview he said something along the lines of “I didn’t even realize I was on of the highest paid. I honestly feel like I haven’t been earning that money the last 2-3yrs.” Pfft that bum. Just talk, no work ethic. He better surprise us ALL this season for at least a game.