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Recap: Celtics beat Knicks in steel cage


The Celtics spotted the Knicks a 15 point cushion, only to rip their hearts out with a gritty, gutty 4th quarter.

Paul Pierce once again bitch-slapped the Knicks. He scored 13 of his 21 points in the final quarter. He had the look. Call him the anti-Melo (5 of his 22 points in the 2nd half).

You want defense? The Celtics closed the game on a 23-4 run. Suck on that D'Antoni.

Kevin Garnett had a phenomenal game: 24 points, 10-15 FG, 11 rebounds and 4 steals. Check out this nice flush on Ronny Turiaf.

Rajon Rondo (13 points, 12 assists) brought his back of tricks to this game. He scored on a variety of crafty drives to the hoop. It was the Rondo we've come to know and love.

Ray Allen lost some blood after catching a nasty elbow from Jared Jeffries in the 3rd quarter. He returned with a large bandage over his right eye. Carmelo Anthony suffered a cut to the head in the 4th quarter. Bodies were flying all over the Garden.

The 2nd quarter was a horror show. Think Rosie O'Donnell in a bikini. Blame the second unit who couldn't make a shot and let the Knicks rip off a 12-3 run to start the quarter. To compound matters, the officials made a serious of bad calls in the Knicks favor. NY took a 14 point lead in to the half.

Glen Davis dropped like a rock after getting grazed by a Carmelo Anthony elbow. The replay showed it was a flop. But Davis stayed on the floor for the entire Knicks possession and Doc was forced to call a time-out. I understand flopping for the sake of getting call, but to stay down is inexcusable.

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"He got fouled by Kevin Garnett's head. Garnett's head hit his elbow," – Tommy reacting to a questionable foul call on KG.

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  • What a finish. The hustle, the heart, the blood. You can’t trade for that type of stuff. Glen Davis quietly contributing. ROOOOONDO… I love it when the kid passes, and the extra passes overall were key. Floor General = Pierce in Beast Mode at MSG. Soooo pretty. And what about Ray’s mom giving Spike a hug… someone please make that snapshot available haha.

  • Actually it wasn’t a flop at all to me.
    At first I thought it was, but watching the replay you can clearly see he got Melo’s elbow on the second spin move by the Knick player.
    Anyway, details. Great win!

  • *whew* Getting a little tired of this mail it in for 3 and then make the fans sweat out the 4th, but a win is a win. Gutsy, gritty 4th quarter for this sqaud-especially Pierce and KG. Hopefully once the postseason starts, they’ll play that way for 4 quarters.

  • Yeah, the replay I saw showed that he caught a serious ‘bow on the play.

  • The Knicks had a full blown meltdown in that last four minutes or so. Completely outclassed by the C’s.

  • Baby didn’t flop you ass, he clearly got elbowed in the head. Watch the game, will ya?!

  • They downplay everything Big Baby does. I’m used to it now. I just watch him fill up the stat line and stack intangibles.

  • When Rondo attacks with the basketball, this offense works. See the second half.
    When Rondo fiddles with the ball, and worse when West and Arroyo play the same way, the offense is garbage.
    Never ceases to amaze me how some of you exaggerate Rondo’s wildly uneven play. Some day, it’s going to dawn on the kid that he’s the best point in the game when he attacks every possession with the basketball, and he’s damned ordinary when he doesn’t.
    Same stupid Internet exaggeration as the idiotic fallacy that Perkins was the anchor of the Celtics’ defense. If you were paying attention, you noticed tonight the true anchor of the Celtics’ interior defense, Kevin Garnett, at work shutting the door on Amare in the second half.
    Couple of object lessons tonight: Hopefully, Rondo will put the passive basketball away for the rest of the season. And you saw who the true interior anchor of the Celtics’ defense truly is.

  • I watched the replay a couple of times. Didn’t see any forceful contact. I’m pretty sure he exaggerated.

  • We do?

  • Well said Coach

  • Melo tossed a little bit of an elbow… but Baby flopped. He didn’t get hit THAT hard.

  • celts winning record is untouchable when KG puts up 20/10

  • With Garnett tonight, you saw why Ainge felt free to trade Perkins. Hopefully, people will move on from the “Oh, my God. The bastard traded my favorite player so I’m going to whine about it every day on the Internet.”
    First half was about correcting a couple of simple problems: Play defense with feet, not hands. Ball movement, which begins at the point. Fixed them both at halftime, and the Knicks were essentially done.
    Need more than we got out of Green and Nads tonight, but I’ll cut them some slack since they’re still fitting in. I suspect Nads is more a situational 5, anyway.

  • YOU take an elbow to the temple from Carmelcorn Anthony and see how you feel…

  • I’ve taken elbows. Harder ones than that. Why can’t C’s fans admit that sometimes our guys flop? Melo threw a little bit of an elbow. It probably could have been a foul. But Baby really sold it.

  • Baby has no iron jaw – that’s for sure. He gets a tap to the head he goes down like a sack of spuds….

  • I don’t understand all the Baby doubters tonight. There were 2 elbow swipes, first one missed him and the second one definitely made contact. And there’s no way anyone can tell how much that hurt by looking at a vid clip…when you get hit in the face, the exact location of the hit and exactly what part of the elbow that makes contact tell the story and the difference of an inch on both the face and the elbow can make a huge difference.
    The way Baby acted, what many here have said was Baby “selling” the hit, for me clinches the elbow as being a solid blow. Baby is a tough mofo, and I don’t think he would ever sell anything that much.

  • I wouldn’t call him situational. That’s end of bench talk. That’s saying he’s good for under ten minutes a game. I’m comfortable giving him 20-28 minutes per game. Dude belongs with second unit though.

  • Pierce making the opposition look foolish is a favorite past time of mine. What a game. It had everything!

  • Agreed.

  • Baby got whacked. I’m sure were a gun to his head or were this a play off situation he gets up sooner but his bell was rung. Funny how on NBATV broadcast they said Baby should’ve been hit with a 3 second violation…

  • Agreed.
    But some elbow experts say it was a flop.
    Thank God BBD plays for the Celtics, he’s having a terrific season and he’s been saving our asses sooo many times.
    Krstic will never be the player Baby is today. Just to say.

  • I think the past 2 games were great Chemistry wins. In both games there was a lot of bad play at points but also some gritty, rally round your teammates and do what you need to win. These wins should have benefits down the road in the playoffs.

  • Nah. Disagree. He’s not going to match up well with everyone at the 5, as we saw last night. Doc had to sit him down and turn the inside over to Garnett.
    And no, situational isn’t end of the bench talk. It means you match Nads up with people he can play. Amare and Turiaf are poor matchups for him.

  • The good news is you saw championship-caliber defense in the second half, and Rondo finally quit crapping all over himself with the basketball.
    The bad news is the minutes it took to get that done from the starters, the general ineffectiveness of the second unit and the first half itself, which was God awful at both ends of the floor.

  • Lol no, enemies of CelticNation do. It’s like they still refuse to believe Big Baby is a threat.. period. Baby can have a beautiful game but the only thing the other side points out is his “acting” job, as if he’s the only NBA player to sell a foul.
    Did baby exaggerate the hit? For sure. But he still got hit with an elbow. Refs see that and say “Pfft it’s just baby” but then see Melo do the dougie in the paint next to Davis and BOOM… Foul. It’s silly how biased refs can be, and how they can make calls… that they don’t even see. I know officiating is difficult BUT if you didn’t see it happening… why are you calling it.