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KG’s gold Antas

KWAPT (@KWAPT) March 21, 2011 Uncategorized 9 Comments on KG’s gold Antas

Gold antas

Here are some exclusive pics of a St.Patty's Day themed Anta made for KG. Found these cool pics in my inbox this morning from a guy I correspond with over in China. Big thanks to RMK for the pics.

Anta KG Gold 05

Anta KG Gold 03

Anta KG Gold 01

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  • Now that’s fresh. That’s how all Footlockers in the US should represent Big Ticket :-). Geezus if someone knows how we can get a hold of Anta sneakers on this side of the ocean, please let it be known lol.

  • check this link. never ordered from them, but they appear to ship to the US. good luck finding your size if you have anything close to big feet.

  • hopefully they’re more effective than his xmass boot

  • Wooow now that’s love. I appreciate the link Reason. Those sneakers are ridiculous. I see what you mean about sizes lol.

  • Pretty sure that site is bogus. KG’s Anta’s don’t come in Most likely cheap knockoffs or variants. Be careful what you buy.

  • Haha KWAPT… you’re da man brotha. I couldn’t buy anything from there any way. Size 12 is like having Shaq feet in the sneaker game i guess. On another note… I for one am happy purple so far is banned from the sneaker line :-).

  • Word! Purple is the enemy. Are you on Twitter man? If so, get at me: @kwapt

  • Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t even think of the possibility they could be knock-offs, which considering they are Chinese shoes I really should have thought of.
    Raoul, size 12 is definitely like Shaq in China LOL.

  • Lol I can’t lie.. i’ve been anti-Twitter since it launced but CelticNation is always a good reason to change my ways. I’ll check it out tonight. I guess the hardest part will be coming up with catchy Twitter name haha.