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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo swears he’s fine

Rondo vs rockets Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

So with Rondo delivering a string of un-Rondo-like performances, he was asked on Friday night if there were any physical issues that were impacting his play on the floor.

"No, I don't think so," he said when asked. "Everybody is asking, but I'm fine."

[…] The problem, he says, is obvious.

"It's missing shots," he said. "I try not to focus on offense, but that's probably the biggest thing that sticks out. For me, I haven't made my shots lately; shots or lay-ups. I'll continue to shoot them, and eventually I'll get through it."

As Rondo continues to struggle, Celtics coach Doc Rivers remains steadfast in his belief that Rondo is merely not playing as well as he usually does. 

"I don't see that," Rivers said. "I know that you guys see that or something. I don't know what you guys see, but I don't see that. He's human. He hasn't played well. I think it's that simple."

CSNNE: Rondo's game is hurting

I'll go ahead and be the one that disputes what Rondo is saying.

No, Rajon, it's not that you're missing shots.  It's that you're not playing like Rajon Rondo.  You're not attacking as much, you're not being as disruptive as you usually are, and you simply don't look like yourself out there.  

That's it. That's why everyone is asking if you're ok. 

If it was just a matter of missing shots, I think most of the writers around here would look at his performances and say "wow, it's too bad he's missing all those shots because he's really getting after it."  But we're not.  No one is looking at Rajon's performances and thinking he's playing well but just missing. 

So what's up with Rondo?  Is he hurt?  Probably.  The plantar fasciitis that he had earlier in the season probably didn't magically disappear.  And he keeps rolling his ankles thanks to those freakin' low top shoes he likes to wear.  And he gets knocked around pretty good out there as it is.  So I'm sure he's hurting.

Kyle Lowry went off for 20 points and 9 assists.  Lowry's a decent player, but to have him go off on you like that when you're Rajon Rondo is rough.  For a "premier defender"… a lot of PG's are having great nights against the C's.  So Rondo is either hurt or being lazy… or a combination of both.  And as we've said a million times before… as Rondo goes, so go the Celtics.  So it's no shock the C's look terrible right now.

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On Page 2: Age works against Shaq… but won't stop him

Shaquille O’Neal yesterday reiterated his determination to return this season from a sore Achilles tendon, by whatever means necessary, including a shot of painkiller.

But one of the most powerful forces in sports requires the 39-year-old center work his way back from what, as of last night’s matchup against the Rockets, was a 19-game absence.

“It’s age, brother,” O’Neal said during yesterday morning’s shootaround in the Toyota Center. “It’s age, every night.”

[…]But the Celtics center had a message for all of those who question his ability to return when he said, “I’ll be back — I have to be back, even if I have to take a shot (of painkiller).”

O’Neal admitted to even feeling a twinge of anxiety about his return, but has no doubt that his next game isn’t far away.

“Am I nervous? A little bit, but Doc (Rivers) has been very good about telling me to take my time,” he said. “It’s getting real close.”

Herald: Shaquille O'Neal on the road to return

I know Shaq's injury started to concern me a little bit not too long ago… but that's passed.  I'm starting to look at Shaq now as a sort of PJ Brown signing.  He's been gone for so long, that's what it feels like. 

Like some of the mainstream guys have said… being on the trip is a good sign.  He's close to coming back.  

Now…. has anyone seen that other O'Neal guy?

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  • What I saw last night was unbelievable.
    If you think they’re trying to rest waiting for playoffs, that means Rondo is not injured, otherwise Doc wouldn’t allow him to stay on the floor so much for turning-to-be garbage games.
    If you think they’re putting some effort for whatever HCA, than we all should be REALLY worried, because they look very very bad anyhow.
    The only thing I know is that if last year they knew what they were capable of, this time they have little clue of what will come out coming playoffs time: no Perk, Krstic, O’Neals.. too many different things.
    I think they know It won’t be like last year, and we’re slowly starting to realize it.

  • Yeah, Rondo’s hurt. Its called apathy thats afflicting him.
    I love how people try to insist Rondo is a top 5 PG, yet his weaknesses (apathy, free throws, jump shots) remain the same year after year. Derrek Rose had similar issues, but now shoots free throws better and has extended his shooting range. Its maddening to watch because I know Rondo can be better.

  • Rondo is the best PG in the game today. People want to hold it against him that he’s not a shooter and THAT’S why he’s not the best. They never say ohh Rondo isn’t the best because he has weak court vision, IQ, doesn’t know the playbook, has no handles, is a bad passer, etc. It’s always, oh he can’t shoot that’s why. That’s not a PG’s roll. I for one, as a Celtics fan, am jubilant that the C’s offense never required a 30-point PG. Look at how often THOSE teams (PHX, OKC, CHI) get to the Finals.
    A wikipedia quote of the PG position:
    “The point guard, also known as the “1”, is the team’s general and the best ball handler on the team. In American football terminology, the point guard is a basketball team’s “quarterback.” The point guard is essentially the team’s captain, and his job is to increase team efficiency and to hand out assists.”
    Most important part of that quote is “Increase team efficiency.”

  • Rondo needs to sit down and look at game tape with the coaches and see wats hes doing wrong. Any1 with any sense of basketball can tell that he gets gambles way too much on defense which leads to him getting beat to the basket ( This is somewhat hidden though due the celtics ability to help). He is constantly making careless passes that result in turnover after turnover then when he fin ally does get it through everyone will say HOW AMAZING RONDO IS AND HOW HE PASSES SO GOOD AND KNOWS THE OFFENSE. If were willing to praise rondo then we also have to be willing to point out his faults. I don’t even care about the shooting aspect bc i get it he can’t shoot but he still needs to be an offense threat who attacks the hoop. He can easily beat anyone defending him to the basket what he needs to do IS FINSISH STRONG AROUND THE RIM STOP THESE SPIN LAYUPS OR FLOATERS AND TAKE IT STRONG as well as passing it out for a 17 foot jumpshot when he has a layup. id rather take a decently contested layup over a wide open 17 foot jumpshot 9 times out of ten( with the exception of ray allen shooting that 17 footer). its not that rondo is hurt or he is depressed its that teams realize he can’t shoot and now teams realize he doesn’t even want to drive ALL HE WANTS TO DO IS PASS AND I CAN SEE THIS AS A FAN AS AN NBA COACH I”D POINT IT OUT TO EVERYONE OF MY PLAYERS. which from the looks of it coaches have and they basically get away with not playing rondo and putting an extra defender on the rest of the players or an extra defender in the lane

  • Every Rondo critic will do the same thing that every Perk critic did last year. Talk trash about him during the year, and salivate over his contributions in the playoffs. Lol i remember how BAD people didn’t want Perk on the team because of his lack of offense, but by the end of the year and all the way past the recent trade, those same people looooved Perk. Talking about how the C’s can’t do it without him.
    Rondo DOES NOT need to shoot a single shot, in order to be the most valuable player on this team. He needs to stop listen to all those saying “shoot” and just continue to distribute. He’s probably the only PG in the league that studies film the way he does. He has spent waaaay more time knowing his team, the plays, and the opponents than he has spent on his jumpshot. He’s an unselfish player to the bone, and whether that’s his doing or UBUNTU, every player on the C’s is like that.
    I don’t see anyone ripping into Ray, KG, Pierce for taking turns every game on who will suck from the field (check the boxscores to see what i mean). People are ripping into Rondo for not doing what we already know he doesn’t do. But won’t be equal in the sense when the Big 3, suck at what they are supposed to be good at. Again… Rondo 2-11 means Pierce 2-10. Rondo 4pts and 15 assists, means Pierce 9-12. It’s quite simple but people will always judge unfairly.

  • no u see ur a slave to the stats, OMG 16 assists HES AMAZING OO THE BEST PLAYER EVER. The truth is though that teams don’t even play defense on rondo and when he does get to the basket he never finishes strong he passes up layups in order to pass the ball for a jumpshot . Teams focus theyre defense on allen garnett and pierce u can say what u want but rondo could be having 30 points a game if he wanted too u need to take what a defense gives u and i know rondo shot is bad so u don’t neccasarily have to shoot all those jumpshots but u still need to be an offensive threat to make the other team play d on u. If Rondo doesn’t start the play with the ball in his hands or he goes out to the corner on an offensive set he’s virtually a useless player on offense its 4 on 5. UR basically backing up my point that rondo is only good bc of the abiltiy of pierce garnett and ray allen to hit their jumpshots. Rondo’s man defense is awful he gets beat all the time and the celtics ability to help covers that up. he makes careless flare one handed pass all the time where if he jut made them with two hands theyd work. the only thing he has going for him on offense is “he knows the offense and the plays and knows how to pass it to the guys in an offense at the right time( WELL WAT POINT GUARD IN THE NBA DOESN’T LIKE EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO PASS AND A HIGH SCHOOL KID KNOWS WHEN TO GIVE A PASS TO SOMEONE IN PLAY). Besides that fact his offensive game is shot unless he can change his abilty to get to the basket and finish

  • “UR basically backing up my point that rondo is only good bc of the abiltiy of pierce garnett and ray allen to hit their jumpshots.”
    Lol that’s not at all what i said, and that is simply not true. Rondo isn’t a great point guard because he has a “crutch” of great players. If that was the case, the best point guard would be one on the Heat, regardless of if that point guard could shoot or not.
    The proof of how great of a PG Rondo, is that even though we can both agree that the Big 3 are all great players, all of 3 of them aren’t so great when Rondo is shooting more and distributing less. The arguement can go either way “Big 3 makes Rondo good” or “Rondo makes Big 3 good”. I think neither is true simply because the C’s are the true meaning of UBUNTU.