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Recap: Three man bench leads Cs over Hornets

Bbd The Celtics rallied from a wretched 1st quarter and beat the Hornets 89-85.

Doc Rivers used only three players off his bench… and they all responded.

Glen Davis (20 points, 8-11 FG, 8 rebounds) was a monster. Delonte West had 9 points and 5 assists. Jeff Green chipped in with 10 points.

Ray Allen will always been known as a scorer (20 points tonight) but he's really a complete player. He had a key strip of Marco Belinelli with 1:35 left and snared an offensive rebound with 25 seconds left and the Celtics nursing a two point lead.

The Celtics flipped the switch in the 3rd quarter, outscoring NOLA 27-14 while shooting 75%.

Rajon Rondo (9 points, 5 assists) injured his right hand after colliding with Kevin Garnett in the 3rd quarter. He iced the hand on the bench and returned midway through the 4th. Tommy addressed the question we were all thinking – why not put Delonte back in the game? He said it would hurt morale and the team's late game chemistry. 

Paul Pierce shot 1-9 FG. His one make was a three-pointer which stretched the Cs lead to 81-75 in the 4th.

Nads went nose-to-nose with David West in the 4th quarter. The refs called a double-technical.

Speaking of the officials, they were bad. Real bad. Since when is hip-checking allowed? The Hornets hammered both Pierce and Ray Allen in the final minute yet the whistles remained silent.

It appeared as if Glen Davis give the finger to some fans behind the Celtics bench. One of our Twitter followers also saw the same thing. This alleged gesture could cost him some cash.

Marco Belinelli started white-hot. He torched Boston's defense for 14 of his 23 points in the 1st quarter. NOLA led 28-14 and many Twitter fans questioned if the Cs were going to show any heart tonight. They did. We just had to wait until the 2nd half.

INJURY UPDATE: Doc said Rondo lost feeling in his fingers.

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  • How about that Glen Davis? I tell ya (in Tommy’s voice) if you said to me pregame that Pierce and Krstic would combine for 9 points and we’d win, I would’ve called you nuts. But the defense came-up big in the 2nd half and Ray and KG hit the big shots when it counted. Rondo looks tired, and if we can beat NYK some how on Monday, I’m not opposed to Doc resting Rondo against either Memphis or Charlotte next week at home. Great work by DWest tonight w/9 pts and 5 assists. He gets better each game which is all you can ask for. Nice work from Green too. Now I hate to get into the whole ref bashing thing, but man-those guys were AWFUL. Espeically that no call late in the game where Pierce was knocked-down and luckily they gave him a timeout. Much-needed win. You can exhale (for now) CelticNation.

  • Yeah, we pull it away somehow. Phew.
    But this Krstic thing is not really working to me: people score too easily on him, and when his offense is not really happening like in the last two games, Perk ghost is on our shoulder..
    Anyway, Go C’s.

  • I turned this garbage on just in time to see Pierce getting raped by 2 Hornets with no call. Ok refs, no spread to cover or axe to grind? Another example of the contrary.

  • well put. agreed. unfortunately.

  • Yes.

  • Refs continue to leave themselves open for criticism and make Donaghy look like not the only one who is corrupting the game. Either that or refs are just blind.

  • we were all thinking that question is right and im glad tommy pointed it out. If rondo can’t put his stuff togtehr the next few games i will be more than happy to get the starting point guard controversy going for the last ten games and playoffs bc delonte played good tonight and just offers thigns on the court that rondo doesnt( like a jumpshot and good man to man d). All in all great win for the celtics and big game for the bench and shows wat the bench could possibly be come playoff time. if the big 3 hit a shot int he first half that game isnt even close. Big baby played great all ic an think is how its gonna be harder and harder to sig him in the offseason but i hope they do.

  • I’m concerned with Jeff Green. if you look at the average number of minutes between assists for the teammates, Pierce averages about 11 Ray 13 1/2 Kevin 13 Rondo of course 3.2 West has 7.7. On the other hand Jeff Green goes an average of 77 min. between assists or 0.3 per game. This is a team that needs to share the ball this is the team that gives the ball up for teammates. It’s exciting to see a fast offensive scoring forward active and posting up defenders pretty, but that is not the Celtics style. They win by sharing the ball, by getting each other the better and best shots. If Green continues to be a black hole in the offense the other players will slowly stop moving. Even comparing Green to baby who is known for rather sticky hands, baby has an assist rate three times greater than Jeff Green’s. This is a real problem for Celtic style basketball.

  • I’m not ready to worry about Jeff Green’s assist rate yet. His sample size is still small, and almost all of that sample size takes place when he had no experience in the Celtics’ offense. He’s a young player who never changed teams before, and he doesn’t play a position that necessarily emphasizes ball movement in some systems.
    Besides, all evidence shows him to be a very team-first player. He played out of position in OKC and stepped out of the Durant/Westbrook spotlight, probably to the detriment of his own career. If the C’s want him to move the ball more (and I’m sure they do eventually), he’ll learn. He couldn’t learn everything at once.
    And the referees’ refusal to call intentional, predictable fouls at the end of the game was bizarre.

  • Jeff Green is supposed to be a shooter, so he’s supposed to receive assists and not really making them.
    In someway that’s way Danny pulled the trade: we needed someone who could actually help putting the ball in the rim beyond Paul and Ray.
    I’m not worried at all about him, because he’s been a huge help so far, and it’s going to get better.
    We all should worry about other bigger issues..

  • Non story as Green is shooting 52%.

  • I agree with you that the sample size is small I was happy to see that he did get an assist Saturday night. I do hope that green can “contribute [offensively] without the ball at a higher level as time goes by. The Celtics are so much about teamwork – as much or more than any other team. Paul could be a “gunner” but chooses not to be. I am not prepared to classify Jeff as a gunner in the tradition of the “Tommy Gunner” himself or Danny or Kevin McHale who – of course – had the reputation of being a black hole in the post. Shawncvd claims “non story” as Jeff is shooting 52% which is true – but all the C’s starters are shooting 50% or better. Let’s see as time goes by.