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Why so serious?

KWAPT (@KWAPT) March 19, 2011 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Why so serious?


I think these last couple of weeks we've all been asking the same questions: What's wrong with the Celtics? What's wrong with Rondo ? Is he hurt? Are the Big 3 mad about Perk being traded? Are we simply too old and out of gas?

Well, I have turned back the clock a bit to try and find an answer. Remember how loose these guys were during camp, and early on in the season? There was of course the Halloween video, and we had Nate dunking on Shaq. These guys were loose and very much a tight knit family. Doesn't look that way now.

All basketball-talk aside, did Danny simply break up the family too far into the season? And with Shaq's long absence, who's been providing the comic relief? Sure, we all know KG is funny, but Shaq brings that light type of witty humor that people love. So color me crazy, but did Danny sending a few of the guys to other teams and the lack of Shaq's lightheartedness throw these guys off more than we thought? I think it did-and I bet alot of you do as well. Now the question is, will this new group of teammates blend in with the others? Will they become comfortable enough to trust each other on the floor? And..will it happen in the next month..? I'd like to know what our readers think…

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  • I have a theory… which is quite simple actually… Rondo’s “funk” is all Doc’s doing. Remember a couple of months ago Doc challenged Rondo to be more of a scorer, to get to the line some ridiculous number of times. Check Rondo’s performance and it’s decline since then. My advice to Doc is to let Rondo be Rondo. If the C’s needed a shooting PG instead of true distributing PG, then we might as well trade for Westbrook.
    When Rondo has 16 Assists and 4 Points, the C’s destroy any and every opponent. When Rondo has 6 Assists and 4 Points on 2-11 shooting, the whole team suffers. Pierce goes 2-10 because instead of having the Floor General run offense and let the shooters wait for the rock in the sweet spot, the shooters are forced to get their own shots. That’s on top of the defense they’re committing to on the other end of the floor.
    All in all, the C’s at the beginning of the season were playing “Smart not Hard.” Doc has 1 player do what he doesn’t do, and now all players are playing “Hard not Smart.” The C’s are a team of very very simple rolls for each player, but if one player doesn’t play his spot, others have to pick up the slack, which the C’s can’t afford to do. It’s not an age thing… simply no team can do that (IE. Lakers w/ Gasol at the 5 and Heat w/ Lebron at the 1).

  • I don’t think this is funny at all espcially with how rondo has been playing, ive never really liked rondo’s game and still have not jumped on the bandwagon that every1 started last year during the playoffs. I get it he can pass good to extremely good players(ANY1 could do this It’s bad when the best part of someone’s game is their “ability to manage the game and call out plays” thats like saying a catcher who can’t hit or field or throw out any baserunners is good bc he calls the right pitches?). Besides that he offers nothing else his defense blows with the excption of a steal here or there, hes careless with the ball and tryes to be too “creative” with it which leads to turnovers (This is gonna matter in the playoffs where every possession is going to matter), he can’t shoot, he refuses to beat someone and finish strong at the basket instead hed rather be “CREATIVE” and do a weird spin layup or do a floater. Then his attitude off the court is just arrogance i just dont liek him

  • Wow-I appreciate your honesty BG34. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things pan-out over the next month. I for one hope that each individual can get themselves ready mentally for the playoffs and that together as a team they unselfishly get back to being as good as we know they can. Did that make sense? lol..You know what I mean.

  • I definitely agree with you. Earlier and even midway through this season, when Rondo was racking up those ridiculous assist numbers, we were unbeatable. But granted, Shaq was in the mix, Marquis was around and the team was really tight. All the new faces def have something to do w/it.

  • All the C’s need is health and focus, which will come a game or two before the playoffs, unfortunately. Only unfortunate because there’s no reason the C’s needed to lose their East Conf standing, and could very well have knocked off the Spurs out of the top spot. Instead we’ll be back to the same crap of yesteryears where “analysts” and “experts” will pick practically every team in every round over the C’s (Last year’s Heat picks over the C’s were laughable).

  • I agree with Bleed Green…partially. While Rondo has proven he is a unique player, team leader, and champion, his stunted development in other areas of his game have really knocked him down a peg for me. I honestly think his 1st team all defense election was the worst thing for him because it validates his careless, gambling play on that side of the ball. We all know he gets steals. But he allows twice as many guards to blow by him and create easy hoops.
    He’s a great pure point guard, but until he fixes that and his woeful free throws (jump shooting I can live with), he’s not in the same class as Rose, Williams, and Paul.

  • I know-last season we looked just as bad at times. Myself & the rest
    of CelticNation really hope you're right.

  • I agree with you. I still believe he’s the best at what a PG does, but he’s the worst in versatility amongst today’s elite PGs. He has his whole career (plus Truth, Ticket, and Jesus right now) to improve his overall game… I just hope he uses it because the kid is really something special.