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Andrew Bynum tries to injure Michael Beasley

I'm on the record as being wistful for the days where hard fouls were part of the game.  But if you're going to foul someone hard, you gotta do it the right way.

What Andrew Bynum did last night was not doing it the right way.  Bynum made no attempt at the ball.  Instead, he flies full speed into him with a WWE style elbow… a play that is designed to do one thing and one thing only: hurt Michael Beasley. 

I get it, Drew… Super Cool Beas was lighting you up and you wanted to send a message.  We've all been there.  So you go for the ball and you get him with the body.  You're 7 feet tall and almost 300 pounds.  He'll get the message. 

That was a dirty play.  He got tossed for it and he deserves a suspension.  And the thing is… he's been playing great lately.  If he keeps playing like he has for the rest of the season… LA is going to be tough to beat.  Really tough.  He's playing that well. 

But clearly, he's still immature.  He's not even 25 yet and sometimes that youth shows itself in ways like this.  That's how he's going to end up hurting the Lakers the most.  Well, that and his inevitable annual season-ending knee injury.

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  • I’m surprised Bynum’s porcelain knees didn’t shattered from such a violent hit.
    He’ll be out of the league before 30 years old.

  • my fav. part of that video is how the announcers completely downplayed it… immediately saying “free throws coming up for micheal beasly” and not commenting on the fact that he will only shoot those free throws if his arm is cheapshot

  • Ya… he did this a few years ago to Gerald Wallace who was then a Charlotte Bobcat. I mean what can u say? There’s a right weay and a wrong way to send a message. I’ve seen perk and big baby deliver hard clean fouls many times. But that was just very dangerous. Beasley is lucky he didn’t break his arm Andrew Bogut style. I can’t weait till that big pussy hurts his knee again. And wtf was Odom doing standing there trying to act tough?? did he not see his unisex cologne commercial??

  • I was at this game last night, in section 200 behind the backboard. I saw Beasley go down HARD. Looked really bad at first.
    Also, as I walked into Staples Center with my Rondo jersey-shirt on a guy running one of the front tables yelled, “Hey Rondo,” and gave me the thumbs up. Even people working the at the Lakers games are secret Celtics fans.

  • It looked like he was trying to just foul him hard to prevent a made shot and he didn’t have the time to get his arm up to block the shot, but he’s definitely not the type of player to purposely try to injure someone. Shaq does more dirty forearm flagrants than anyone else though, like he did to Stuckey a couple seasons ago when he was about to dunk on him and he does to Tony Parker. Stupid play, but not as bad as most flagrants. Even the T’Wolves said it wasn’t a dirty foul.

  • That was a dirty play. Delonte broke his wrist in a similar fall. It’s sad that the league would wait to fine and/or suspend a player, until someone does get injured. Beasley is definitely feeling that.

  • Nick – I’m disappointed in you.
    Your favorite player, neck-tattooed ghetto thug Matt Barnes was right in the middle of it trying to start a fight. I can’t believe you posted and didn’t defend what a talented guy he is.

  • If KG did this there would be 2 weeks of KG bashing and about 10 articles here about it. LOL

  • KG doesn’t go for the body. He only goes for the nuts.

  • That is plain lame by Bynum, cheap shot