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Refuting Donaghy: The evidence

RedsArmyAdmin March 18, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Refuting Donaghy: The evidence

Last night we had Sean Patrick Griffin on our show to talk about his new book, "Gaming the Game." (less than $15 on Amazon or now in your local book store).  Take a listen:

Griffin lays out a pretty convicing case in this book based on years of research and interviews.  He expands on those on his two blogs about the scandal:  DonaghyPersonalFouls and NBAScandal.  In all three outlets, Griffin presents hard evidence that refutes Donaghy's claims of mob intimidation and how he bet on games. 

The most damning evidence points directly to Donaghy fixing the games he officiated, something he said he didn't do.  But the co-conspirators, who in court were testifying against each other, had the same story:  Donaghy's bets in games he did not officiate were worthless.  The games he picked in which he DID officiate were gold.  

There is no evidence to say other officials were involved, though its certainly possible that some might have been.  And as Griffin said in the show last night, without any recordings of admissions of game-fixing, we can only walk down the path the evidence presents. 

Tim Donaghy has actually started to turn himself into an endearing figure despite this scandal.  He plays to his audience well and actually comes off as likable.  But when the full story is told, Donaghy is proven to be the type of person who will say and do anything to benefit himself.  He'll use your human nature… as well as your suspicions of the league's officials… to paint a picture about himself and this scandal that minimizes his role and damn near makes him look sympathetic. 

But the reality is different.  The evidence points us to a person who jeopardized the credibility of this league by manipulating the outcomes of games either to cover a spread or to outright lead to a different winner.  In my opinion, those who love this game and this league should view Donaghy the way baseball views the Black Sox scandal.  He's a disgrace.

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