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LeBron highlights the difference between winners & losers

Lebron blowing in hand

By now you probably know the Heat lost last night.  After the game, LeBron made a comment that stuck out like a sore thumb… and highlights why he's not a winner.

“Tonight is not a game when you feel awful when you lose,” James said. “We can be satisfied with this loss because we played hard.”

I'd like someone to find a KG quote where he says "I'm satisfied with this loss."


Look… I know sometimes you just get beat.  And when you play your ass off and get beat you tip your cap and you say "they were the better team."  That much I understand.  But satisfaction from a loss tells me you're not going to do anything about it.  Satisfaction from a loss tells me you don't care enough to say "ok, they were better… now how do WE get better than THEM???"  Satisfaction after a loss doesn't tell me that you're scouring game film that night or the next morning to figure out what you could have done to be a better teammate, or a better player, or a better anything.

It's a shame (but a good thing for us) that LeBron doesn't have a real coach that has no fear of sitting him down and letting him know how bad that sounds.  Doc would do it.  Greg Popovich would do it.  Someone who is strong and in command of his team would grab LeBron before practice and ask him why he was satisfied with a loss… and explain to him that such satisfaction isn't the fuel that propels an NBA team to a title.  

Personal story:  I played ball at Emerson College and we really were a horrible, laughingstock of a team all the way up until the 1994-95 season.  We had built up a solid roster, had a new coach that was whipping us into shape, and I, as captain, had a great feeling about the season.  I looked through our schedule and thought we could go 22-2 if we really busted our asses… so I put that up on the grease board as our goal.  22-2. Considering that the school probably never won 10 games in a season, I thought that was a hell of a thing to aspire to.

Anyway, the coach walked in and asked "who wrote this?"  I proudly admitted to it, thinking this guy was going to praise me for having such lofty goals.  Instead, he tore into me.  "Who the F— do you think we're going to lose to?  Please, tell me now so I can sit you those games…"  

It instantly taught me a lesson that LeBron clearly has never learned.  Even though we know there are games we will lose… we will never anticipate, nor will we be happy with… losing a basketball game.  Never will we say "we are satisfied with losing" because that's the point where you stop trying to win.  Being satisfied with losing just means you're happy with being second best.

And maybe LeBron is.  And maybe that's been his problem all along.

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  • I think you hit the nail on the head, especially when you compared LeBron’s words to KG. If you watch this old interview KG did with John Thompson you not only won’t see KG say “I’m satisfied with this loss” but you can see that LeBron is the antithesis what KG stands for. I don’t know if LeBron had THAT inside him.

  • Lebrin does not have it in him, because if he did he would be in Cleveland and would have won a title by now.

  • Lebron has been enabled his whole life. Everything has come easy for him. That is why he lacks a killer instinct. Until he’s past his prime, when he absolutely must rely on better teammates, he won’t get it.

  • G4L

    I gotta ask, how many games you’re team won that year?

  • yeah, please tell us! how was that season.
    i was just saying basically the same thing to a coworker. lebron won’t come near filling his potential unless he undergoes a major transformation. he’s so immature at this point, and it’s all in his head. it blows me away that a guy like him would have such an attitude, and makes it impossible to like him.
    his massive “chosen one” tattoo really sums it up nicely. he feels chosen, which makes it easy to believe he doesn’t have to work for it. like you said, it’s been given to him.
    anyway, go back to any of the truly great players and find me one who made comments like this. jordan, bird, magic, kobe (gag), etc. great players *hate* losing. despise it. i wonder if lebron will ever get that.

  • Oh… we finished 17-7, which at the time was the best record in school history. We also won the “Most improved team in New England” award. That record has since been broken many times over.

  • Good blog and comparison Red. i couldn’t help but think of Tiger busting onto the scene and the media was appalled at his “arrogance” when he said he wants to win every tournament he’s in.
    They thought he was cocky and brash but he doesn’t play to place.
    LeBron needs some Herm Edwards in his face…

  • You know The Truth has a massive Chosen One on his back too? Granted Paulie got it after the stabbing and I think it relates to that life-altering incident but still…
    But The Truth is the Chosen One and already has led the Cs back to glory.
    LeBrick’s just the The Chosen Dooshbag of the decade.

  • Orb

    Wow. I try not to get too whipped up about the minutiae of El BJ, especially during the regular season, but damn. That is an unbelievable thing to say. There’s not one guy that plays in my small town rec league that would say that after a pickup game, nevermind an NBA “star” saying stuff like that. Rondo wouldn’t say that about fricken connect four. What are the Vegas odds on him never winning a championship? I’ve got money in my pocket.

  • If your going to make comments about someone statements don’t bend them to fit your need.
    This is LeBron’s answer to the question
    “Tonight is not one of those games where you feel awful by how you played. You know, like D-Wade said, we can be satisfied with this loss because we know we played hard, we kept a team from shooting 40 percent from the field, but we couldn’t make any shots. We didn’t give ourself enough opportunities to make shots to make the game closer than it was. But we can watch film tomorrow and learn where we could have done better to execute offensively.”
    Don’t bend the truth…

  • Hey Red, you ignorant drunk Moron. I love how you nitpick the crap out of the Lebron Comment and claim that he refuses to watch film, yet if you would have posted the whole thing the morons that are on here saying he’s been spoon fed would see how much of a low life failure you are. Here is exactly what LBJ said on the aformentioned post game comment:
    “Tonight is not one of those games where you feel awful by how you played. You know, like D-Wade said, we can be satisfied with this loss because we know we played hard, we kept a team from shooting 40 percent from the field, but we couldn’t make any shots. We didn’t give ourself enough opportunities to make shots to make the game closer than it was. But we can watch film tomorrow and learn where we could have done better to execute offensively”
    Now I understand that Saint Patty’s day is this week, but maybe you should have put away the guinness or whatever piss water you drink for a day, so you could read his full comment without double vision? How could you consider yourself to be a real journalist when you butcher a comment and miss report it to your fans and in turn make them look like assholes when they go and mention a comment like this with only part of what the person said? I normally stay away from this crap blog for fear of advanced cirrhosis of the liver. But I had to say something when I saw a link posted to this crap blog on Espn. I understand that you Celtics fans hate LBJ and the Heat but to nitpick his comment and completely leave out the point about him wanting to watch FILM THE NEXT DAY just to make your point of him not wanting to watch film is completely irresponsible journalism. It’s no wonder why you’re just running a shitty blog and not working for a real sports journalism company.
    Keep on reporting out of your ass with missleading crap. When the Celtics get knocked out of the playoffs this season i’ll be sure to come back and say hi and to see how Princess Pierce and that Dirty playing KG are dealing with it… I’m sure your punkass is going to delete my post since it shows how useless your whole article about how LeBron is a loser is. So in closing I’ll just say, keep the lie alive. You better hope D-Wade, LBJ and the Heat don’t make you take that foot out of your ass and ram it down your throat….
    P.S. Just to break it down for you since you seem to miss the whole point. The Miami Heat played a great game. They held the Thunder to under 40% shooting which what they were aiming for. The main problem they had is they were missing open shots, D-Wade missed 4 open layups in the first qtr. Why would LeBron be angry at holding the Thunder to 38% shooting? KD didn’t live on the FT which is also something great. When LeBron said he was satisfied with this loss, he simply meant that they played hard and nothing else. He even pointed out in his comment “We didn’t give ourself enough opportunities to make shots to make the game closer than it was”. In Drunk english it means that they missed too many shots. Now please go back to getting drunk and writing up useless articles. I’m sure that the rest of your ignorant followers will miss the whole LeBron comment and jump on your side as well. What else should I expect from a bunch of Boston ___________ You fill in the blank since you’re great at putting words in other peoples mouths.

  • He still said the they can be satisfied with the loss. And while the last sentence may seem to mitigate that, he said what he said.
    Now, the Miami Herald didn’t have the entire quote… and maybe I would have used some different wording… but I wouldn’t have changed what I said. Being satisfied with a loss in any context is a problem. It’s those words even escaping his lips that’s a problem.

  • Oh hey look everyone, it’s an internet tough guy!! You know, the guy who hides behind the laptop, spews personal insults and threats, but is in reality some little punk kid that cowers and cries at the first hint of trouble.
    Please see my reply to the previous comment since you’re not worth the time of repeating myself.
    And thanks for visiting our site, pumping up our statistics, and allowing us to charge more for advertising. That’s going to buy me a lot more beer.